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Title: Hairpin Spring for RP-211-1
Post by: jwaite on October 15, 2017, 10:40:58 AM

I recently bought a 1960 PR-21 console with the RP-211-1 changer in it and wondering what the function of this pin is in the attached image (circled in red)? Mine snapped off during inspection/cleaning.

I haven't gotten the SAMS folder for this changer yet but plan to soon. In the mean time, I was hoping to get some insight on this part. It's a very small bendy pin.

Are there replacements available or a way to fabricate a new one?

Title: Re: Hairpin Spring for RP-211-1
Post by: HiFiFun on October 15, 2017, 03:20:35 PM
I'm adding some spring info from a different forum, where the
back/forth got a bit edgy. That's why I'm not posting the link !

Quote: " It serves to give a slight "shove" to the slide to keep the NOTCH in the slide against the pin of the cycle gear.
This little notch keeps the cycle cam from being "loose" and causing faulty rejecting by the gear accidentally turning.

You'll notice that spring, if it's adjusted properly, will add just enough tension to the slide and the pin pops right into the notch, holding the gear steady.

The free end of the spring should be at 90 degrees to the slide when the slide is in it's change cycle.
If needed, bend the spring enough.. and look carefully at how the screw-end is mounted and the angle IT is in.
Just as the slide comes up again, it should hit the spring and the spring causes a slight resistance so that the cycle gear pin is forced against the slot with the notch in it. " End quote.

You could fashion a spring out of a safety pin possibly;
the spring tension would need to be similar.

Gary at thevoiceofmusic .com may have a spring that will function, though
he doesn't have extensive RCA changer parts.
Title: Re: Hairpin Spring for RP-211-1
Post by: jwaite on October 15, 2017, 04:10:48 PM
Great. Thanks for the help! If anyone reading this has the part in question, I would prefer to purchase vs fabricating my own.