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I like the little Zenith! it's the right size too! I'm an hour N of Scranton, 5 miles N of the PA border barely into NY, where we you in PA?

Introductions / Re: Hi from a recovering component snob! lol
« on: January 31, 2018, 11:03:16 AM »
MM-Dave: wife Sue has posted some stuff on VK, it was kind of her idea to get it, she also grew up without a color TV. She wants an Early American cabinet for it to match furniture.

I'm an audio guy so tube TV seems scary. I picked up SAMS for it - 28 pages - Jeezum!!

Ed: no, their name was Roedel, but the name T. Bayard Williams rings a bell for some reason.  The Roedels had a brand new pea-green '60 Electra, and I recall being impressed by the mirror-reflecting speedometer in it,but then saw my very first colorTV and was even more impressed!!

Introductions / Re: Hello from Magnasota
« on: January 31, 2018, 10:48:39 AM »
Welcome from another relative newbie!
We also really prefer the Early American aka Colonial style. I find cabinet quality really suffered starting late 60s,  but these were real furniture, they couldn't fake it so much with a dry sink! And in general some of the early '60s units and before were still really well built.

Introductions / Re: Hi from a recovering component snob! lol
« on: January 26, 2018, 07:00:38 AM »
Wow Ed, as they say in NY, you really know from TVs, whereas  I feel completely out of my element, were you an EE or something related to electronics?

The first color TV I ever saw was around 1960, a friend's grandparents who loved at Charles St and Bellona Ave had one, we were visiting and when I saw it it was just amazing! My parents were kinda cheap and they never had one until after I left for college and they'd moved on to NC, I think they finally got one in '70 or '71 So I picked up this early Zenith on the theory it's never too late to have a happy childhood!  It will be a challenge for sure, it has a good crt but needs work before it has a good picture. I suppose I'll probably end up contracting it out, not having the tools and knowledge required to do a proper job.

Introductions / Re: Hi from a recovering component snob! lol
« on: January 25, 2018, 11:16:45 AM »
Ed:  yes the consensus of the vintage color tv guys seems to be that the hand-wired Zeniths are way less troublesome than RCAs with pcbs. I guess the earlier RCAs may have been more hand wired as well, certain chassis seem to be better liked. I figured with my overall lack of TV knowledge it was best to hedge my bets and go with one with better odds! One good thing about all of them is that 95% of the tubes needed are really cheap!! In my strictly audio days I probably threw out thousands of TV types when winnowing old TV/radio shop inventories... cringe!!

I remember when Towson Plaza was a 1 row strip mall, and the land across the street was a big vacant lot where our church set up a big tent and had a rummage sale every year.  It's all so crowded now! I used to ride my bike to TP to go to the SS Kresge to buy car promos and models, look the puppies at the Pet Shop, and go into Stereoland to look at the used amps and audition speakers, the salesman was pretty patient with a curious kid! The beginning of my love for tube audio! 

TC: you'd probably have better luck finding a home for that RCA on VideoKarma, that's where many early tv nuts congregate it seems, someone there would probably take it off your hands.

Introductions / Re: Hi from a recovering component snob! lol
« on: January 23, 2018, 12:24:41 PM »
Ummm... to get back to my original thread:

Ed I didn't know Jeff Waters on Chestnut Ave, my street, Piccadilly Rd ended up at Chestnut, so if he was near Charles St (after about '62 what we called the "new" Charles St, the old one coming S from Joppa became Charles St Ave and dead ended at the new one) he must have been almost across from Loyola HS, my old sledding hill! I had a friend right off Seminary, Bob Williams, he went to Dulaney and I went to Towson ... so did John Waters, 2 years ahead of me.

btw I hear they may tear them both down to build a new combined HS!!

Yes we were on Hampton Lane waaay back, but almost as soon as Dad finished building the house on a lot that he bought directly from, and across from, the Ridgleys (Hampton House) he got an offer he couldn't refuse from Sylvia Porter, the food and home-ec lady, I think she was on WMAR or was it WJZ or WBAL? You might be old enough to remember her on TV. Anyhow he then built another one in Chestnut Hills, and we were there until Beth Steel transferred him to NC a month before I left for college in Westminster. We stayed there for the next 30 years, now in central NY. I do miss MD sometimes but would never move back, it's much quieter and way less traffic  here!

I'm also a fan of the mono consoles, I'm hoping to pick up a '56 RCA this weekend!

My current project is an early "roundie" Zenith color TV... and we think old tube consoles are a bear to restore??  This one is a whole new ballgame for me !!

Introductions / Re: Hi from a recovering component snob! lol
« on: January 20, 2018, 03:03:11 PM »
Hey Ed! 
I'm from W Towson, Chestnut Hills just S of Joppa and W of Charles St Ave. '53 to '68, before that Hampton Lane off Dulaney Valley. Grad Towson High '68, Western Md College '72, married there and stayed in Westminster until 1999. Taught Bio/Chem in Howard and Carroll Counties. Moved North in '99, only been back only a couple of times... boy has it changed !! Nice to "meet" you here!  Consoles are fun!!

Introductions / Re: introduction ed from Baltimore
« on: January 17, 2018, 01:41:25 PM »
Hiya and Welcome Ed!
I'm in central NY, but originally born in Bawlamer (Towson actually) and the wife's from Catonsville, and we lived in Westminster for 30 years before moving North. Where in Charm City were you located? 

My thing is old audio consoles and components, I too had to downsize from a roomful to a couple of favorite pieces, but still have an RCA tube caddy full for spares! Lots of good help and advice here... good luck with your projects!  BTW I saw a cool RCA tube stereo console for sale in Perry Hall not too long ago, so there's still good stuff around down there!
Roger A in Binghamton NY

Sold locally to a Millennial record producer!!

Still looking for a blonde or light maple console, preferably Early American Colonial style.

Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Can anyone ID this Maggie?
« on: January 11, 2018, 11:55:01 AM »
it's on CL in Scranton PA if anyone has an interest.
We're looking for a blonde or light maple wood color console.

Magnificent Magnavox / Can anyone ID this Maggie?
« on: January 10, 2018, 04:10:59 PM »
Anyone know what year/model Maggie this one is, I'm guessing 1964-ish? and whether it's tube or SS? What kind of changer, what model and type of amp?

95% of the Symphonic stuff on eBay are portables, and there are a few SAMS showing smallish consoles of the type made of amps/AMs out of portables.  The one I had on another thread is the only sizeable Symphoinc I've seen, and it's called an AMC Symphonic, whatever that is.

The one here I think is really called an Capri Symphony Group by Acouti-Craft, from deciphering the messy handwriting on the back of the paper shown on eBay.  I think the seller mis-interpreted Symphony as "Symphonic" in their listing, and it's really something else entirely.

Here's the pic, it looks like the back of a photo for an ad for a HiFi dealer in a Cleveland paper.

Chat / Fancy Symphonic console in ad: anybody ever seen one like this?
« on: January 05, 2018, 04:38:01 PM »
This console is in a magazine ad for sale on eBay - it's purportedly a Symphonic, it popped up in an eBay search, but I think the name (as hand written on the reverse?) is actually Capri Symphonic, by somebody like what looks like "Acousti-Craft", and was mis-read by the seller. It looks pretty elaborate, much more so than the Symphonic that I'm going to look at (whenever the weather around here warms up above Zero!!) soon.  This one has separate speakers, and almost looks like a custom console.  Anybody seen anything like it??!!

Oh! mahogany on a boat! - that I try to forget! We had a 1966 30" Chris Craft Cavalier 20 yrs ago, and that boat wasn't a hobby, it was a career! Gorgeous when right, with classic lovely lines, and with 2 x 318s it would go! but way too much work for someone who can't hire it out!! You could get big wood boats cheap then, and I sure found out why!! I'm an aluminum fan now!

She likes mahogany wood ok but just not with her '60s Scandinavian teak furniture! in the LR and honey colored maple in the other room... it be ok in the office but no way it will fit!
I wanted to take the single bed out but she say we need it for guests, and as usual she's right... oh well

Fisher / Re: Sorry, I have been holding out..... my new Fisher President
« on: January 03, 2018, 10:49:14 AM »
I was "sort of" guilty of this in a way. In 2001 a "Wanted vintage stereos" ad I put in the local PennySaver was answered by a fellow in a small tourist town here in upstate NY who had a French Provincial style Fisher President (1960 or 61?) that had been leaked on badly in poor storage and the wood cabinet ruined, and he had already taken the components out when he called me. He had the SA300 amp, 400CX preamp, FM 200 tuner, ELAC Miracord TT and same Ampex as here. I bought the first 4 for what seemed like a lot to me then, $300, but later when I need some $ for home improvements I ended up selling them all to Al Pugliese the "Fisher Doc" in Staten Island, whom I knew from my audio writing days and knew would restore them right, for a good profit but an amount that pales to what they'd bring now! No idea what happened to them after that, but I sure wish I had kept them!

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