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Chat / Re: Ford Wildcat
« on: October 17, 2018, 10:01:51 PM »
It's been quite awhile since we have had a kitten.  It is amazing how much they can eat.  The doc said she weighed 1.26 pounds.  She eats that much in a sitting.  The wife just told me that she went in her litter box and is drinking out of her water bowl.  Maybe she finally figured it out! 

Chat / Re: Ford Wildcat
« on: October 17, 2018, 06:25:16 PM »
She has those sharp kitten claws that draw blood whenever she is in "four wheel drive." 

The "original sound" is what, exactly?  The thing is busted or we would not be fixing it/them.  Allen Bradley resistors go along with leaky bumblebees and silver getters.  And cryogenically pure cables.  Silliness.

My problem with carbon comp resistors is that they drift.  That is why we are replacing them.  Why replace them with something else that will drift, when something better is available. 

I have been wrong before.   :-[

Chat / Re: Ford Wildcat
« on: October 17, 2018, 04:40:35 PM »
The vet has determined that the kitty is female.  She is about six weeks old.  That's good.  Male cats tend to make more of a mess, spraying urine and that.  We have agreed to have her declawed to keep peace in the family.  One scratch on anything Magnavox will not be a good thing.  Especially on the "Radio Grand" that my wife has grown so attached to.  We'll have that done in the spring when she is old enough to spay.  She will be an inside cat so her becoming "in a family way" will not be so much of a threat.  Percy is too old and Mysti is another girl.  Bentley is a dog.

The kitty's name is Mittens.  Her toes are all white, so she looks like she is wearing mittens.  I have a picture on my phone, but have no idea how to download it.   ;)

She has a fairly bad burn on her left side.  She is taking antibiotics and we put salve on the affected area.  She does not seem to mind.  Her toilet habits leave a bit to be desired.  She uses her water dish and sleeps in her litter box......

Never heard of a "Radio Grand?"  We have one.  Ask my wife.  She used to refer to our CG as a "three hundred pound clock radio."  Now she calls it her Radio Grand.  It says what it is right on the front.  Some people.... ;)

I like using 1% film resistors.  5% is not bad, either.  Why use something that can be 20% off value?  If they wanted something off value used in the circuit, why would they give it an exact value? 

You can't beat an EV 26 when it comes to a ceramic cartridge and Magnavox.  That setup was King Of The Hill in its day.

There is nothing to be gained by using a 150 volt cap for a bypass cap.  I would use something like 50uf @ 50 volts for bypass, that would be plenty.  Going higher negates any benefit.  I don't like orange drops for Magnavox amps, but that is just me.  I like to use orange drops in TV chassis, in higher voltages.  My personal preference is the regular caps that Sal sells.  Cheap and effective.  Using orange drops is spending money unnecessarily, but perhaps you are not as cheap as I am.  Orange drops won't hurt anything, if that is your question.  Replace the bias resistor with one as close to exact value as you can get.  I try to get higher temp caps if they are not a lot more money.  That thing will get warm enough to bake bread in the changer compartment in any event.  You can fry eggs on the power transformer after it runs all day.  That is the nature of the beast.  Better cabinet ventilation helps.  The transformers are rated 105-125 volts AC, so modern line voltage is not normally a problem for them.

Chat / Re: Ford Wildcat
« on: October 16, 2018, 11:52:27 PM »
I don't believe this kitty is a feral.  It is too tame.  It appears to have been around people.  It has a pretty bad burn on its side where the hair is missing.  Eats like a little pig.  Who knows how long it has been since the poor little thing has had anything to eat.  IT goes to the vet in the morning.  It has a big purr, so that is a good sign.  Bentley is resigned to knowing he's going to be in trouble if he pesters the kitty.  Percy could care less as long as he gets bacon bits.  Mysti could care less as the kitty looks just like her.  I threatened the wife that if I get so much as a microscopic scratch on anything Magnavox, the cat goes.  I don't expect that threat to get a lot of traction........

Sightings / Re: Little Imperial Stereo Theatre, FREE Morris, Il
« on: October 16, 2018, 02:47:26 PM »
I enjoy retirement so long as that is not all I have to do!  I enjoy working part time.  One can get too much togetherness sometimes.  I could never be retired full time.  I get bored and run by wife nuts.  I stay more focused and enjoy my projects more when they are part time.  I do not fish, or play golf, or play shuffleboard, I hate volunteering, so working part time is a blessing that few people understand.  I could not wait to retire.  The euphoria lasted about two months. 

The cathode bias resistor and the bypass cap are in the amplifier.  There is a dual bypass cap in the tuner.  The bias resistor should be somewhere around 100 ohms at 5 watts and the bypass cap should be like a 25uf at 50 volts originally.  I like to increase the value of that cap in the effort to enhance bass.  Be careful with the values of the crossover caps, lest you get weak treble and "muddy" sounding output.  You need those caps correctly valued to make the treble response bright enough.

Chat / Ford Wildcat
« on: October 16, 2018, 02:36:47 PM »
Now just a minute, Mr. Buick.  FORD Wildcat?  I thought there were only BUICK Wildcats.  Nope.  Therein lies a tale......

Read on, you'll hear the REST of the story........

I was awoken from a sound sleep about 4am with my wife yelling in my ear.  "Don't you hear that kitten screaming bloody murder?"  Heck no.  There could have been a howitzer going off at that time of the morning and I wouldn't have heard it.  "Put you pants on and go see if you can find it."  Surely, you jest, woman.  At this time of the morning?  There could be critters out there that would take offense to my interrupting their party.  It is thirty-something degrees, the bed is warm and I was sleeping.  So I put on my flip flops and head out with the flashlight half asleep looking for a cat at four in the morning.  That is a good way to get your butt filled with buckshot, roaming around in the dark at four in the morning.  I could hear the kitten yelling.  Not happy, certainly.  Could not find it anywhere.

So when daylight came, our neighbor lady called and said she had what sounded like a cat in her car.  Sure enough, when she started her 2016 Ford Fusion, you could hear the kitten yelling.  Three of the neighborhood guys heard the commotion and offered to help.  One of the guys had a lift in his garage.  We put the car up on the lift and started taking engine covers off.  The kitten was in the engine cover under the engine.  When I banged on that cover, it tore out of there like it had been shot.  We found the little black and white kitten in the corner of the garage.  Not terribly scared, just cold and hungry.  We brought "it" into the house, gave it something to eat and drink, and it went to sleep after showing us how well it purred.  It is still an "it" until we get it to the vet to figure out its exact sex.  We figure it is about six weeks old, about the size of a large mouse.  It has lost some hair on its left side and has lost its left hand eye lashes.  Very fortunate to still be here.  The lady got the cat in her car in town and hauled it home under the engine.  My wife will likely adopt this cat and no grille cloth in the house will be safe.  Stay tuned for that one. 

So there IS a FORD Wildcat.  Now you know the REST of the story........

You should replace coupling caps, electrolytic caps.  You should check every resistor and replace any that are more than 10% off value.  You should replace the cathode bypass capacitor with a slightly larger capacity, not more than 50uf @ 50 volts.  You should also change the cathode bias resistor.  Those are known to be burned internally and can cause a hum that can be hard to find.  This condition puts the audio output transformer at risk.  There is a double electrolytic cap in the cathode circuit in the tuner that is often overlooked.  It needs to be replaced.  I prefer to re-stuff the e-cap cans on Magnavox amplifiers, but you can use terminal strips if you are careful to isolate it from the hum control.  The hum control works in the bias circuit of the output tube cathodes, so the bias voltage needs to be checked after you have replaced components.  The 220K ohm grid resistors in Magnavox amps are frequently found drifted high.  I just replace them, many times without bothering to check them.  If you install a fuse in the amp, mount it close to the transformer, away from any audio wires.  Don't forget about the crossover caps for the little speakers.  I typically find they are not good anymore.

Chat / Re: RCA TV
« on: October 13, 2018, 06:43:39 PM »
Capacitors, bulbs, tubes, transistors are all the same to the uninformed.   ;)

Sightings / Re: Little Imperial Stereo Theatre, FREE Morris, Il
« on: October 12, 2018, 11:07:04 PM »
That looks like a smaller TV set than mine has.  VERY nice instrument!  I have all I can handle with the one I've got.  I'm thrilled to have mine, but I have to stand pat for a while.  If a 1ST665 "little" Imperial were to come along......... ;)

Thanks for posting this.  I hope someone on here gets it and gives it a good home.  They are remarkable pieces of engineering.

Chat / Re: RCA TV
« on: October 12, 2018, 11:03:08 PM »
That is a handsome set for sure.  That will go nicely with the blonde one you have, Bill.  I can never remember if the Super or the Deluxe was the higher trim.  That thing would be a sweetheart with a little tune-up.   :)

Chat / Re: Another car question
« on: October 12, 2018, 08:08:04 AM »
 :)   :)

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