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This was my first one.  A friend got me back into audio after many years away.  He built a stand alone amp out of a very bad cosmetically Maggie console.  I decided that I wanted to do the same and this was the first console that turned up.  Learning a little about the unit, plus it being a mono amp, I decided to clean up the wood as best as I could, and refurbish all the electronics.  Since then I have done a few tabletop am radios, a Philco stand up, and a lot of solid state projects, but this Columbia I will probably hold onto longer than the rest. 

Bell & Howell / Columbia Masterwork Consoles / Columbia Masterwork 944
« on: January 11, 2017, 03:30:37 PM »
Hi all.  I just happened by this site the other day and noticed all the nice Columbia consoles you have.  I picked one up on Craigslist a few years ago to save it from the trash and loved it ever since.  I would love to have the exterior restored one day as it has some damaged spots, but for now it is fine just shined up.  All capacitors were changed, new power tubes were needed as the old ones were missing, and a new power cord were all that was needed to bring it back to life.  I made a stereo to mono adapter to hook ip an old phone to the aux input to use as a Bluetooth receiver; I can stream to it from a computer and control the volume wirelessly.  It is always a hit for parties, etc.

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