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"About your RCA Victor Stereo Phonograph and AM-FM Radio"
original manual and tag that came with Mark II models.
Hang tag says 3VF61 Series, manual is for all Mark IIs.
Tag like new, minor water mark on front cover of manual.
$15  Free Shipping

Please eMail DIRECT if interested to:  firesweep (at) verizon (dot) net
Roger A

Came in a cabinet I just got.
Looks like new and the PO had 110$ worth of work done years ago then never used it again.
I have the receipt from a well known Syracuse audio shop. Has a new Audio Technica cartridge too!
I have beaucoup TTs and would keep it, as it's a beauty, but at near 70 I really have to start getting rid of stuff, or at least not take on anymore new stuff!
Last of the well built Top of the Line Garrards!
How about $50 + ship?

This week's CL find is a console that SWMBO will actually allow in the living room!
It's been a challenge to find something acceptable for quite some time now, the nice Barzilay we found a few months ago was just too large for a 12 x 17 living room, so it got sold.

Her criterion was a light wood with simple lines that would blend well with a 7' long teak sideboard, decor's her thing and any console had to fit in with it. We looked at a solid state Symphonic console that came close but at 6' it was bigger than she wanted. Just this week one came available that will fit, finally, a late '60s Ethan Allen stereo cabinet with a single separate speaker cabinet.

Vintage Ethan Aleen solid rock maple, made in Vermont. The owner had passed away and the son, in his late 40s or so, said the cabinet had been emptied of it's former (unknown) components years ago and had been used with an all-in-one plastic "stereo" like a SoundDesign  (ugh) :-( , with the exception of an old non-working record player that had been left in place.

The wife likes the color, simple lines with louvered doors, and the fact that it's only 40 inches long for flexible placement. The empty speaker cabinet could have a newer, smaller speaker installed, and the main cabinet can house another matching speaker of small enough size. We already have an old Scott amp & tuner that will fit, and a working turntable to replace the old non-working Garrard.  So it's just 2 empty cabinets, basically, but with an unusual speaker configuration, and it's quite well made.   

Magnificent Magnavox / Can anyone ID this Maggie?
« on: January 10, 2018, 04:10:59 PM »
Anyone know what year/model Maggie this one is, I'm guessing 1964-ish? and whether it's tube or SS? What kind of changer, what model and type of amp?

Chat / Fancy Symphonic console in ad: anybody ever seen one like this?
« on: January 05, 2018, 04:38:01 PM »
This console is in a magazine ad for sale on eBay - it's purportedly a Symphonic, it popped up in an eBay search, but I think the name (as hand written on the reverse?) is actually Capri Symphonic, by somebody like what looks like "Acousti-Craft", and was mis-read by the seller. It looks pretty elaborate, much more so than the Symphonic that I'm going to look at (whenever the weather around here warms up above Zero!!) soon.  This one has separate speakers, and almost looks like a custom console.  Anybody seen anything like it??!!

Rescued a nice all original RCA, but won't fit in my 9 x 10 office (with bed, desk & dresser!) we tried! The wife doesn't like mahogany and wants a light colored wood console for the Living Room! Modern or Early American Colonial style. Will trade or sell very reasonably to a good home!

In very nice shape, totally un-restored, have pics, located Binghamton NY, 2.5 hr from NYC.
Please  call 8 AM - 8 PM for details, 607 754 zero zero three one... can send pics!

Console Tales / our other console (partial) find
« on: December 30, 2017, 02:25:21 PM »
The other console we found at the same furniture store was a custom unit, consisting of a very nice early to mid '60s MCM Barzilay cabinet, and had once contained component tube units. This console replaced the RCA that was originally in the store owner's home, and was put in the store's back storage area under some old draperies some years ago, evidently when replaced by a more up-to-date solid state unit, after requiring repairs. Unfortunately somewhere along the line the electronics had been removed for repair, resulting in the purchase of a new stereo, and never re-installed; it's unknown by the guy who bought the defunct store 2 years ago what happened to them, the store's original owners having passed on some time ago.

The (apparently) outboard speakers that matched the cabinet were also AWOL. The compartments behind the sliding doors are for record storage, the wire record dividers are still present, so the speakers must have been separate. The only component now remaining in the console is a nice Thorens turntable, so one can assume that rest of its original parts were also top-drawer. Since the well-known McIntosh Labs is in our town, they had probably furnished the electronics; the speakers, who knows, it all came from a very high-end HiFi store that is long gone now.

Anyway the cabinet is nice and will, if we can find the room, adorn our living room. The turntable will find a home elsewhere at some point since we already have a Phillips TT we like, to be installed in the cabinet, along with a Scott amp and our Klipsch bookshelf speakers will be installed in the former record compartments. The wife has been wanting all the LR stereo stuff to be hidden away for some time, and we'd been looking for a complete console, but this will suffice in using what we already have on hand. Would rather have had the unknown stuff that was originally in there, whatever it was!  Some pics attached: 

Console Tales / a local RCA find!
« on: December 29, 2017, 04:43:30 PM »
Found this cute little 2 pc. RCA SHS-9 in pretty nice shape at a local furniture store that went out of business and whose left over inventory had been auctioned off. After the auction some items that had not sold were still available.  This RCA actually was owned by, and formerly in the house of, the store's owners, that they had bought around 1958. We went to look at new furniture and came home with an old console - perfect for my office! It has a simple little SE 6V6 tube amp that no doubt needs the usual caps &c. It even still had the original owners manual/folder inside it! (not much to it!).

They also had a big '60s custom cabinet with a turntable in it that was also very nice, more on this one tomorrow!

Happy Consoling!
from Roger in NY

Other Tube Console Brands / Space Tone??
« on: December 21, 2017, 11:32:51 AM »
For sale nearby - a Space Tone console??? Anyone heard of one? Looks interesting.

Sightings / Seeburg console ?
« on: December 13, 2017, 04:25:35 PM »
Interesting piece, didn't know Seeburg made home consoles. Must have been very expensive in it's day:

Wanted / Want: better quality tube console in Early American style
« on: December 13, 2017, 04:15:04 PM »
Looking for an Early American style - similar to one in below link - tube stereo console, cabinet needs to be in nice condition,  prefer one of the "better" ie:  mid or top-end models from any of the well known or lesser known US console makers. Location NY or nearby. Leads appreciated.  Please eMail Direct to:   firesweep "at" verizon "dot" net

Roger in NY

Other Tube Console Brands / Seeburg console
« on: December 13, 2017, 04:00:24 PM »
Here'a an unusal one - stores and plays up to 50 LPs!

Introductions / Hi from a recovering component snob! lol
« on: December 12, 2017, 11:33:12 AM »
Hi all:
Well, been in the audio hobby since building a HeathKit tube amp in 1964, so a long time. Now-retired science teacher, and audio-nut who once moonlighted by writing and editing for a now long gone tube audio publication on the topic of the history of the legacy U.S. audio industry. Collected, repaired, and played with any and all Hi-Stereo stuff, including most of the tube McIntosh, Marantz, Fisher & Scott classics, to the extent of having rooms-full of it: vintage tube amps, pre-amps, receivers, tuners, tape decks, turntables, repair equipment, tube caddies &c &c, until SWMBO finally laid down the law 10 yrs ago, so we're now downsized to just a couple of the best-loved daily drivers.

Also, sorry to say, deconstructed many a console for their components (duck & runs!!) due to major lack of space and demand for them 15-20 years ago. Good ones: TOL Fishers, Pilots, Stromberg, Bell, better mass maker consoles. That was then.

Over the last years I've come to really appreciate the role consoles have played in the history of US audio, way outselling components, and residing in most of our parent's living rooms in the '50s to '70s. Now we've decided to find a nice Early American style (so says the wife) tube console to enhance our living room, musically and visually, and take it's proper place in the spotlight. 
Looking forward to learning all things console here, many thanks for the venue!
Roger A in Binghamton NY, the home of McIntosh Labs!

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