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Brought it home on my hand truck.

Nice tuner with FM built in, INTACT grill cloth, and finish is decent.

Of course the changer is wrong but at least it works.

If this was within driving range of me I would be on my way to get it instead of posting it here!  Anybody close??

Nice Fisher C800/810 console with the matching Stereo Companion Speaker that has it's own Amplifier.

Looks to be in pretty nice shape.

While the Consoles show up fairly regularly the matching 560 Speakers seem to be fairly rare.

Miscellaneous house furnishings - FREE. TVs (TUBE TYPE), Hi-Fi console, mattress and frame, night stand, lamp, writing desk

call or text:☎ (832) 724-0359

Sightings / eBay: Concert Grand Auction -- Medina Ohio
« on: August 02, 2017, 06:48:35 PM »
This one just popped up in my saved searches... Looks like a 59 in decent shape.

I had the high bid on the original listing but I'm sure that the seller got plenty of "advice" about his console and canceled that auction before it ended.  When he relisted it with a starting bid of over $1k I knew I didn't have a shot at it... ended at $3450.00

Even though the original TV is missing from this it is far and away the nicest looking Comet I have seen. Usually the finish is in terrible shape but this one looks pristine!

Sightings / CL: 1958 Fisher C-800 $350 -- San Diego, CA
« on: June 08, 2017, 09:43:26 PM »

Looks to be in pretty good shape aside from the torn grill cloth.

Had seen this one in the 53 Catalog form the downloads but finding one in the flesh I have to say it's "interesting".

$200 seems a bit out of line but who knows.

Antique Magnavox Radio - $200(North Valley)

Antique Magnavox Tube Radio, great sound and look. $200. please text at 259-4433

contact name:Edward
  • call or text:☎ (505) 259-4433 ext. 505

Sightings / CL: Mahogany 58 Berkshire $235 -- Los Angeles CA
« on: April 27, 2017, 08:36:19 PM »
Seller has this listed as a 57 but it's quite obviously a 58 with the big speakers and sliding glass top!

This unit is stereo capable when paired with an S-37 Speaker.

Wish I had room for it but I'm full up at the moment.

1957 Magnificent Magnavox Berkshire Record Player - $235 (West Los Angeles)

1957 Magnificent Magnavox Berkshire Record Player[/size]Have not tried to turn it on. Selling as is. All original.

Beautiful wood cabinet.

In the same house since purchased.


DO NOT EMAIL - I won't see it. Phone me at 310-666-7159

Sightings / $100 Concert Grand in PNW
« on: April 10, 2017, 02:41:00 PM »
I would wager that the CL ad for this wasn't live for very long yesterday before it was snatched up, and will soon be making its way to its new home  across the country.

Note:  Unfortunately This is NOT on its way to my house. 

Got a great surprise Sunday when Rodney sent me an email to let me know there was a Magnavox Concert Grand for sale near him for $100.

This one is really interesting! 

When I came across this listing I knew that this one looked familiar but I wasn't sure why, because I am quite positive that I have never seen one before. Then when I started searching the catalogs it hit me... This is the TV that is on the back of the Fall 1957 catalog from the downloads area!

As you can see the cabinet  looks sort of like a 58 Berkshire with the sliding glass top over the record changer.

According to the description there is a 20w Amp, 4 speakers (My guess is a pair of  10 or 12" with a pair of 5" mounted co-axially) and of course the TV.

Vintage magnavox tv am/fm and record player cabinent - very rare piece - $300 (Whittier)

Magnificent magnavox TV - record player - AM/FM furniture cabinet. Ultra rare 1960s TV home theatre system. Asking for $300 obo. We have tons of vintage and antique furniture, electronics, clothings, tools, glassware plus much more! Contact us anytime. Ask for Jonathan. Thanks!

contact name: Jonathan
text:☎ (213) 999-8810



Ah ya gotta love the French Provincial cabinetry!!!

This high end console is an absolute steal at the asking price IMO.

Fisher Console - $500 (Mendocino)

Vintage Fisher Executive IX Radio-Phonograph and Taper Recorder-Reproducer. Excellent condition.

contact name: Lil
  • call: ☎ (707) 357-2226

Fisher / Picking up this 1960 Fisher Premier Console on Friday
« on: March 28, 2017, 09:34:03 PM »
Not as nice as Pats President but this basically fell into my lap.

Sightings / eBay: Concert Grand Needs Rescue in Michigan!!
« on: March 22, 2017, 09:11:40 PM »
Console Ghoul has the Amps listed for a $750  BIN but it looks like everything is there to put the console back together IF you can pick it up within 8 days of auction end.

Would be a shame to see this very nice CG get trashed just to put money in this guys pocket!


I think the seller will need to find just the right buyer to get his asking price.

Vntg HiFi Audiophiles wet dream - $2000(fremont / union city / newark)

Vntg 60's Barzilay Hi-Fi Stereo Cabinet with Yamaha CA-800 Amplifier, CT-800 Receiver, a Thorens td135 turntable and Altec 601c Speakers with N3000E dividing network with adjustable tuner.

A true collectors item. Rarely, if ever, will you see a collection this pristine and fully functional. So let me break it down;
Mid-60's Barzilay Rosewood Stereo Cabinet, with twin tambour doors, pull out phongraph mount, two component shelves and 78rpm record shelf.
Barzilay was one of the last console manufacturers to custom make your stereo enclose, specifically for the components of your choice.
Condition- near new. Only two light scratches overall 9/10

Yamaha CA-800 Integrated Class A Natural Sound Amplifier

Runs as an Integrated, Power or Pre Amp.
•Class A/Class B Switch
•Class A 10 Watts(Stunning in Class A)
•Class B 50 Watts (Excellent in B)
•Defeatable Tone Controls w/ Scale Switch
•High and Low Filters (great for noisy turn tables)
•Variable Loudness Controls
•Muting Switch

Input Options-
•MM and MC Phono (Excellent phono stages)
•Auxillary 1 & 2
•Microphone L + R
This really is a beautiful piece of equipment, that's been very well looked after, and used sparingly. Perhaps at the top of the class, or close to, for Yamaha.
I put this up against the well regarded Sansui AU 6500, and it wasn't even close. And the Sansui cost more!

It is in perfect condition. 10/10 Perhaps the best condition of any piece of vintage gear I've come across. It has also been cleaned inside. Comes with manual.

Thorens TD135
3-Speed Belt-Idler-Drive Turntable (1961-1968)

(3 reviews)
integrated tonearm

The Thorens TD-135 is a precision transcription turntable designed to function, for peak performance, solely with the Thorens BTD-12S professional tone arm.
Exceeding NAB standards for rumble, wow and flutter, the 4-speed motor unit features the same belt-idler drive, the same heavy, 12 inch non-magnetic turntable, and motor, the same variable speed control, and the same quality, precision and Swiss craftsmanship that have made other Thorens turntables famous for peerless performance.
No other integrated unit approaches the professional standards of the TD135 / BTD12S combination.
Platter: 12", non-magnetic
Speed control: +-3% variable via eddy-current braking system
Speeds: 16, 33, 45 and 78rpm
Drive method: idler wheel and belt drive for double motor isolation
Rumble, wow and flutter: exceeds NAB specifications
Dimensions: 15 x 12"
Condition- Pristine/Mint needle appears to be in good shape. Overall 10/10

Altec 601c duplex speakers with adjustable N-3000-E dividing network.
Appears to be in excellent condition. Cones are without tear or blemish. Wiring is complete. Overall 9/10

contact name: Darren
  • call or text: ☎ (415) 988-9809

Sightings / CL: Curtis Mathes Royal Dane for for $50 in San Diego
« on: March 15, 2017, 07:24:17 PM »
Appears  to be complete, including the R to R, but will need someone with good woodworking skills to repair damage to the top of the cabinet... looks like somebody used this thing for a workbench for a while!

Curtis Mathes 1960's Royal Dane Stereo - $50

Vintage stereo console.
Stereo, turntable and reel to reel.
Scratches AND holes on top, can be refinished or covered. Very cool piece for the truly hip.

text: ☎ (619) 571-2633

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