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Chat / Nice day for a car show
« on: February 16, 2019, 04:29:43 PM »
We entered the old Buick in a car show, held in a small town east of here.  It was a 48 mile round trip.  The little town is one of those quaint little towns where there is not much, but everything is unique.  The town's main claim to fame is that it is home to the maximum security state prison. 

Last year, there were not quite 100 cars at the show.  This year, they had 288 cars pre-registered plus stragglers.  It's safe to say there were over 300 cars in total.  Some I had seen before, some were new to me.  Highlights were an old late '40's Chevy pickup, repowered by an Offenhauser-equipped Chevy 250 six and a Powerglide transmission.  Very well done.  Then a '55 Pontiac two-door sedan with '53 Buick Special sweepspear trim, again nicely done.  Then a '58 Buick Roadmaster 75 sport sedan.  They did not make many of those and you seldom see one at shows, particularly small shows in the middle of nowhere, AZ.  I found out it is a local car.  It was ultra-loaded like all 75's were and had working AC and still ran the original Flight Pitch Dynaflow transmission.  Most have been converted to regular Dynaflow.  The weather was nice for a car show, headed toward cool.  If the sun stayed in, you needed your jacket.  If the sun came out, off came the jacket.  No dust, no bugs.  They had the hop cars by themselves, the bikes by themselves and everything else mixed in.  A well-run and well-organized show we enjoyed as much as last year.  We found a little cafe in that town that will make a good place to have breakfast on Saturday mornings.  They have a huge parking lot with large parking spaces so we can drive the Buick and not have to worry about getting the doors hit.  I have pictures if anybody is interested.

Sightings / Magnavox Astro-Sonic console in Phoenix
« on: February 13, 2019, 08:03:02 PM »
This console is available for free to a good home.  The changer is out of it currently, but I believe I it is still available.  It does work, but needs the usual tune-up.  The cabinet is nice and could use "the touch."  A little TLC and this would make a nice set.  It is a five-knobber, so believe it is a small model.

If you're interested, let me know.  I'm posting this for my friend Don whose GE collection I've recently "inherited."

Phonographs / We need to start a GE board on here!
« on: February 11, 2019, 07:42:43 PM »
I gained two "new" old GE portable stereos today.  A friend from the auto restoration days if radically and immediately dowsizing.  His GE stereo collection has to go, so it "went" with me.  I now have five GE portable stereos.  I collect Magnavox consoles....... ;)

The two I got today were a GE RP-5190 and a GE RP-2060A.  The 5190 has a transformer power supply with 5Y3 rectifier, 12AX7 amp/phase inverter and single ended 7189 output.  It has four 6" speakers.  The 2060 is a four tuber, 35W4, 12AX7, and single ended 50EH5 output.  It has four six-inch speakers.  Both of these stereos have the VM 1200 series "Custom" changer.  I'll wait until I get back home to do much with either one of them.

I also got to stop at Ted's Hot Dogs for a dog and Coke.  First time I had been there is over 15 years.  IT was as good as I remembered.   :)

Chat / Out for a spin
« on: January 28, 2019, 03:46:11 PM »
You guys back east where the weather is bad, this is for you.  I took the old Buick for a spin this afternoon.  I harnessed up my faithful companion, Bentley, and hit the road.  We drove 27 miles.  It is a beautiful day, 76 degrees, just perfect for a cruise.  Apparently, I was not the only one.  I saw a '65 Mustang on our little trip.  I need to get it ready for a car show on the 16th.  It needs a bath and some wax.  The heater control valve has been leaking for a couple years, so I took it off to send away for a rebuild.  The heater is now on all the time. 

Chat / Buck/boost transformers
« on: January 12, 2019, 05:06:45 PM »
Have any of you guys had experience with one of these things?

Chat / The dishwasher died
« on: January 07, 2019, 06:07:14 PM »
Not my wife.  The mechanical dishwasher.   ;)

We went to a local appliance dealer to buy a new dishwasher.  We wanted to avoid the big box stores.  We wanted more selection in a specific brand, the only brand we will consider, Whirlpool.  We found a nice salesman named Ray who not only sold us a stainless steel dishwasher for less than HD or Lowes wanted for plastic, but also sold us a range and microwave. 

I never even open the installation nor the operator's guides.  Anybody who buys this stuff and does not know how to run one does not need one.  However, with all the electronics and extra features, it pays to read the manuals.  I would have seriously messed up installing the microwave had I not read the manual.

An interesting tidbit I learned is that, in the State of California, if one eats their micorwave, dishwasher or range, they will die of cancer.  And that the range, on its first heating, may give off fumes or smells that is known to the State of California to cause harm to birds.  We fired up the oven to bake some short ribs and did not notice birds falling from the sky. 

The range has an interesting feature called steam cleaning.  Instead of heating up the oven to over 800 degrees to burn debris to ash, it uses distilled water, heated to only 260 degrees to clean the inside of the oven.  This seems much safer than the high-temp cleaning method.  You have to remove remaining debris in either system.  The steam cleaning method takes 30 minutes.  The high-temp method can take a couple hours. 

Whirlpool appliances are built in the US of A, in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  Whirlpool makes Amana, Maytag, Roper, Kenmore, and several other brands. 

Beware the upsell!  They will try to sell extended warranties, hookup doodads, safety gizmos.  I was impressed with the dishwasher connection kit, a $19 extra.  It had the mysterious fitting that the manufacturer does not supply, but is necessary to successful installation.  The power cord was stripped, nicely tinned.  But all three wires were the same color!  The average Joe who may not have an ohmmeter to scope out the wires could well have gotten the wiring wrong.  They supplied screw clamps to replace the wire clamps provided by the manufacturer.  I got a braided water line, which, in fairness, is to comply with local building codes.  We have had an intermittent water leak under the sink that remained elusive.  We have had a pan under the plumbing to catch the water, about a half a cup a month.  I found the leak while I was installing the dishwasher.  The kitchen faucet has one of those spouts that come out of the faucet on a braided hose.  That doodad is leaking.  Time for a new kitchen faucet.  The one there is a Moen.

New appliances are amazing.  These are all dumb.  I do not need to talk to my appliances on the cellphone. 

Chat / Magnavox "Symphony" on "The Neighborhood"
« on: December 06, 2018, 10:45:19 PM »
On the latest episode of this CBS comedy, starring Cedric the Entertainer, Cedric was playing "vinyl."  He was using a Magnavox Symphony, a model 1ST657, circa 1961.  They showed a pretty good shot of it a couple times.  It appeared to be in really nice condition. 

Chat / Maguire's Ultimate Black
« on: November 26, 2018, 04:26:06 PM »
I went to the parts store awhile back to get an oil filter for my Buick.  There was a Maguire's rep there, hawking their products.  I use a container of Ultimate Quick Detailer a month.  That stuff was $4.59 when I started using it in the 1980's and is now up to $8.29 unless I can get it on sale.  He had a product there on special.  Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer.  The stuff was made to restore the black to the cladding modern cars are plagued with.  I have used similar products in the past, and found that they generally did not work.  My Mini has "go cart bumpers" over the wheels, rocker panels, and some little pieces in other places.  Mine is not in horrible shape, but they never look nice. 

The deal with the Maguire's rep was that if I gave him $7.59 for a container of the stuff, I could get a Maguire's product of equal value for free.  I told the guy that if he would throw in a container of Ultimate Quick Detailer, we could do business.  He did and I paid the man and left.  I figured I had a container of Detailer whether the other stuff worked or not. 

Today, I cleaned up the Mini really well.  I put a coat of wax on it, Maguire's, of course.  I used the Ultimate Black on the go cart bumpers and was amazed.  The stuff really works.  It restored the black and made the cladding actually look luxurious.  I can recommend this stuff if you have a vehicle with black cladding on it.  Make sure the surface is clean.  Do not get it on the paint.  It won't hurt the paint, but it makes a smeary mess.  (Have your Quick Detailer handy!).  Do not use on leather or glass or anywhere a slick surface would cause a problem.  I'm guessing there is silicone in it.  It beads water.  I used it on the old Tahoe and it really helped it.  The cladding on it has light spots in it.  It looks like new now.  How long will it last?  I have no clue.  If I have to use it once a month, that will be fine with me.

Chat / I believe this is a record......
« on: November 23, 2018, 10:18:35 PM »
I have exchanged Private Messages with one member of this forum, sufficient to fill 49 pages.  All the messages are on one topic.  This member may identify himself if he chooses.  I know this is a first for me. 

Chat / Old cars on "Hawaii Five-O"
« on: November 10, 2018, 10:47:25 AM »
Last evening's episode of "Hawaii Five-O" found McGarrett and gang investigating the disappearance and murder of a young woman that took place in 1932.  The Five-O task force "went back in time" to investigate the incident.  The show was set in December, 1941, prior to, and on the day of, the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.  The point of this post is to comment on the cars they used in this episode.  McGarrett and Danny drove a Ford police car.  Unfortunately, the car they used was a 1946-'48 edition with a wrinkled headliner and an automatic transmission controlled by a chrome shifter, none of which would have been available in 1941.  The "bad guy's" car was a "Fleetmaster" , a Chevrolet model, again 1946-'48 vintage, with dual exhausts and an ill-fitting hood.  It would bark the tires when its automatic transmission shifted.  A real Chevrolet of that vintage would NEVER squeak the tires shifting, powered by a 216 stovebolt six and vacuum-shifted three on the tree.  McGarrett's Ford cop car,after being riddled with "Tommy gun" fire chased the Fleetmaster until it crashed into a 1968 to '72 Chevrolet C-50 truck.  I realize shows use prop cars that are not 100% authentic, but getting it this far off is aggravating and detracts from the othewise interesting story line.  The wife says I am being picky and that it is only a TV show. 

Chat / Ford Wildcat
« on: October 16, 2018, 02:36:47 PM »
Now just a minute, Mr. Buick.  FORD Wildcat?  I thought there were only BUICK Wildcats.  Nope.  Therein lies a tale......

Read on, you'll hear the REST of the story........

I was awoken from a sound sleep about 4am with my wife yelling in my ear.  "Don't you hear that kitten screaming bloody murder?"  Heck no.  There could have been a howitzer going off at that time of the morning and I wouldn't have heard it.  "Put you pants on and go see if you can find it."  Surely, you jest, woman.  At this time of the morning?  There could be critters out there that would take offense to my interrupting their party.  It is thirty-something degrees, the bed is warm and I was sleeping.  So I put on my flip flops and head out with the flashlight half asleep looking for a cat at four in the morning.  That is a good way to get your butt filled with buckshot, roaming around in the dark at four in the morning.  I could hear the kitten yelling.  Not happy, certainly.  Could not find it anywhere.

So when daylight came, our neighbor lady called and said she had what sounded like a cat in her car.  Sure enough, when she started her 2016 Ford Fusion, you could hear the kitten yelling.  Three of the neighborhood guys heard the commotion and offered to help.  One of the guys had a lift in his garage.  We put the car up on the lift and started taking engine covers off.  The kitten was in the engine cover under the engine.  When I banged on that cover, it tore out of there like it had been shot.  We found the little black and white kitten in the corner of the garage.  Not terribly scared, just cold and hungry.  We brought "it" into the house, gave it something to eat and drink, and it went to sleep after showing us how well it purred.  It is still an "it" until we get it to the vet to figure out its exact sex.  We figure it is about six weeks old, about the size of a large mouse.  It has lost some hair on its left side and has lost its left hand eye lashes.  Very fortunate to still be here.  The lady got the cat in her car in town and hauled it home under the engine.  My wife will likely adopt this cat and no grille cloth in the house will be safe.  Stay tuned for that one. 

So there IS a FORD Wildcat.  Now you know the REST of the story........

Radios / Zenith 5S-127
« on: September 07, 2018, 03:41:31 PM »
This is the little tombstone Zenith I got at an auction recently.  I initially had no interest in it, but it is growing on me.  It is so ugly, it's cute.  The wife likes it.  The cabinet will never pass muster with her, so I'll have to refinish it.  I can still get the original grille cloth.  It needs a new plastic dial.  It needs all the rubber mounts for the tuner and for the chassis.  It needs a new dial drive belt.  I looked on Radio Museum for a picture of a good one, but the one they had was not much better than mine.  I don't believe this is an uber-valuable model, so I may take some poetic license with the finish.  I had planned to sell it, but nobody would want it in its present condition.

I replaced the incorrect metal tubes with "G" equivalents.  I found tube shields to replace the two that were missing.  I powered the chassis without the rectifier installed to do that initial test.  All seems well there.  I will forge ahead with a recap and probably change most of the resistors, if I have the right ones.  I dislike dogbone resistors.  The micas I'll leave alone for the time being, pending further chassis testing.  The schematic is in Riders, volume 7 page six in Zenith.

Radios / Grunow 1191 displays symptoms of SMD
« on: September 02, 2018, 11:18:43 PM »
Continued from the "Chat" board:

I subbed both IF tubes just to be safe.  No change. 

Chat / Another auction
« on: August 25, 2018, 04:19:59 PM »
My wife dragged me to another auction this morning.  Really a bunch of junk, dumpster fodder, most if it.  A Zenith 5S127 tombstone radio followed me home.  I usually avoid Zenith radios, but this one looked like it could use a friend.  The knuckle-draggers that were working the auction tossed stuff around and managed to knock a chunk of the loose veneer off the front of the cabinet.  As is typical of radios in this area, this one has been hacked and needs put back right.  The chassis grommets have turned to putty, so somebody used gasket shellac to seal them to the cabinet and to the chassis.  After I got the bolts out, I had to pry the chassis out of the goo to get it out of the cabinet.  (Why do I get all the nice ones?)   ;)

Instead of having a dial drive belt, somebody went to the trouble to run a dial string on the tuning mechanism.  That causes the control shafts to drag on the glass dial cover.  I pulled the chassis to put this right.  When I pulled the dial glass off, a chunk of the plastic dial came with it.  Those are repopped on Renovated Radios for $32.95 so no big deal.  The cabinet otherwise is nice, but needs refinished.  The grille cloth is still there, but it is pretty stained.  The power cord turned to mush, so I cut it off.  The bottom of the chassis looks pretty good.  The three glass tubes, 6A8G, 6K7G and 6Q7G have been replaced with metal, so two of the three tube shields were tossed so they would fit.  I have spares for those.  I believe this to be a 1937 model.  I have not checked for rubber wiring yet, but, being a Zenith, I won't be surprised to find some.  My wife thinks it's "cute" , but I am going to try to sell it.  I believe it should build out nicely.

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