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Hi guys I need you help. I just bought a 1958 RCA stereo console, it was known as the stereo twins.
I bought a new styles for it but I can't for the life of me figure out how to change the stylus? It is one of those airplain type cartridges where the wings are part of the cartridge not the stylus, you push down on a metal tab in from of the tonearm to slide from left to right, one sides lp the other 78. Someone said you push down on the tape and pull forward on the wing part and it slides out then the styluses clip in? Mines either froze or that's not the way because it's not coming forward. I don't want to break anything, any help I'd be greatful. If you need pics I can take some. I'm sure someone has this changer in the forum, the Todd arm has a gold color triangle that says stereo you use to lift the arm with

I just bought a nice stereo tape cartridge player from 1963. It's the model 3yd11 I think?  The one that used them huge cassettes. It's the total sound stereo one. The manual that originally came with it was orange color I think. If someone has a copy they can scan of it, I would be so greatful and I'm sure others to if they have this set

Hi guys I recently bought a 58 berkshire
Unit is in mint condition, I recapped it, dial string broke :( or was already
The changer works record drops but arm won't come over to set down on record edge
I can't figure it out?
This set also came with the rare small stereo 1 tube amp to
Has very nice sound
Also the radio stations tune in good but after a big it drifts, not bad but I have good ears and notice it
So any ideas? From fellow Maggie lovers?
I'd like to fix the dial string to, not sure if I can reuse the original or new? I been collecting and restoring these sets 25 years
I never had a dial string break

RCA / Question for Larry the rca guy :) or anyone who knows rca sets
« on: November 26, 2014, 10:39:55 PM »
quick question guys or Larry. I have a nice 1963 rca Mark series console, as you all know they had that three prong plug for tape. I want to leave that on but hook up two new rca type plugs to be able to play my akai reel to reel deck or a few others I have that use the modern rca type jacks. I pulled the back off the set, there are three wires, ones white the middle looks like a ground and the other is red. I assume the white and red is left and right? I went to hook up a new rca type plug to it and got a huge distorted bad ground sound and could barely here anything
So how do I hook a new set of rca jacks to it to use
Pics would be nice to, I'm sure a lot of the members would like to see how this is done
Thanks Larry and anyone else who might know

Magnificent Magnavox / Need help with Collaro changer
« on: November 09, 2014, 08:56:17 PM »
Hi guys, well I finally finished recapping the 58 Magnavox berkshire. I now need to adjust the tone arm on the Collaro deluxe changer, as you all know, there are two screws that you adjust to make the tone arm come over and set down where it belongs, I have the hight correct but I spent 3 hours tonight and I can't get it to move over to set down on the record.
Am I supposed to have the arm setting on the housing the two screws go against a certain way? In all the magnavox's I own, and have many I never had to adjust a tone arm before for this issue, I have had to service them clean and oil, but not this. I just can't figure it out. Other than that the sets ready to go and sounds amazing.
Any ideas or help I'd be greatful

I know this is a repeat question but I'm confused. I need someone to take some pics of the wires so I can see where they go and what inputs they go in. I can't read the hand written diagram or understand the manual that's posted, all I know is the black and green outputs from the changed go to the black and green inputs from the amp. Other than that I can't tell.

Also is there a way to just not use it? I am never going to use this set as a stereo anyways, for now. I just want to use the controls in the radio to control the radio and changer. I have a 1958 magnavox berkshire

Looks like the download section is growing, does anyone have any new Orthophonic rca or rca stereo catalogs brochures from 57-59 they could upload?
I'm sure a lot of the members including myself who own rca sets would like to see them

Does anyone have a copy of the sam's they can upload for the Magnavox 54 03 10 radio preamp chassis?

Thanks guys

Hi guys I'm getting ready to recap a magnavox 142 bc amp, does anyone have a copy of the SAMs they can scan and email me or upload to the download section here. I'm sure others would benefit from having that added to the download section,it's a pretty common amp.
Thanks :)

Introductions / Hi, new to the forum
« on: October 03, 2014, 08:48:26 PM »
Hi all, a friend of mine told me about this great forum so I joined. I collect and restore tube gear, and tube console stereos. I mostly collect magnavox sets. I'm restoring a 1958 magnavox Berkshire now.

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