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Electronics / Tube tester questions
« on: September 16, 2018, 09:11:21 PM »
Just got an old Sencore Mighty Mite TC114.

When setting up for individual tubes listed in the set up book there are several occasions where it lists 2 and sometimes 3 different settings for switch D which I think is only used for calibrating.

How do you know which setting to use for the most accurate test?

When reading the scale what unit of measure do the numbers represent? I guess a tube reading 95 is better than a tube reading 82 during an emission test but what does it mean?

When I zero the needle when off then calibrate for a tube the needle is no longer zero when turned back off. Am I screwing up some how or do I have a junk tester? I'm starting to think that the movement on the meters needle needs to be cleaned because after adjustments are made I can tap on the tester and get additional movement.

Anyone out there familiar with these?

Magnificent Magnavox / Collaro f200c adjustments
« on: September 03, 2018, 12:54:09 PM »
Cant find much info on these at all....

I have a 1958 or `59 model Modern Concerto with the automatic Collaro TT and have figured most of the adjustments out.

The problem I'm having with it is with the auto changer.

When I select the auto function, the tone arm scans for a record, the record drops then the tone arm sets down just shy of the lead in grooves of the vinyl.

I was hoping someone here could help steer me in the right direction and tell me where the adjuster is. Also it doesn't always scan. Sometimes it raises the tone arm and just sets it right back down on the perch.

Sightings / Reel to reel sighting
« on: March 04, 2017, 07:50:50 PM »
Anyone looking for one of these?

Magnificent Magnavox / Shopping / Comparing Help Needed
« on: January 19, 2017, 09:05:52 PM »
Newbie here looking to get into my first console. I'm looking a 2 consoles this weekend, one of which will be coming home with me regardless.

I wanted to ask if there is a big difference between the mid `60s Astrosonics regarding their cabinet size. It seems that the only visible difference is that the larger units offer the ability to ad external speakers and have a storage compartment for the vinyl. My questions are, are there differences in output power, sound quality, are there more options and or advantages that one may have over the other? I'm leaning towards the small console due to me not having a lot of space and because of the stationary left side and having only one sliding lid but I keep thinking the larger unit could be a better performer.

Any advice or answers would be very appreciated


I wish the pictures were a little better and had more info, but will just have to wait till this weekend.

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