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Introductions / Hello from Atlanta! My first tube console.
« on: July 06, 2017, 11:04:01 PM »

Great site!  I am new to the tube console world.  Recently picked up a  60s Curtis Mathes Royal Dane.. both the tuner and turntable work great.

Look forward to learning more from the members.

Hello all,

I was fortunate to have picked up this 1962 (i think) Curtis Mathes Royal Dane.  My first and only tube console.  Cabinet is in great shape and everything works (AM/FM, Turntable). 

I did have to install a new needle and I need screws for the cartridge (Sonotone 8t) but i was able to test and it sounds great.  Any suggestions on any maintenance or service I should do? 

It has made a great addition to my home bar!


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