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Nuvistors were used in the HH Scott 344, the FETs were used in the 344B. I have both examples but have not tried the 344. The 344B was a great FM receiver, pulling in the weakest of desired stations with a minimal antenna. That is something that the Japanese could not quite match in the 1970s, IMAO.

Fisher / Re: Fisher in the Wild?
« on: February 14, 2019, 10:30:56 AM »
Did the Bullitt Mustang have a 428 CJ or SCJ engine?

I think the 1968 model year had the most engine options, 200-I6, 289-2v, 302-4v, and like the '67's , FE block 390 and 427 BB was available.

I had a 1968 coupe with the 289-2V and C4 cruis-o-matic, after the 4-barrel 289 225 hp and 271hp was discontinued.

Despite its modest engine and high-geared open rear, it was a great cruiser for a 19 year-old me who had limited gas funds.

Introductions / Re: New From Houston
« on: February 14, 2019, 10:28:12 AM »
welcome Steve!

That may be a 1948. I have a '48 Model 306 which is waiting patiently for a spot in our living room. The wood on these was stunning and Drexel was who made the cabinet. Mine has a Webcor 33-78 rpm changer with a crystal cartridge with a manual reject button o n the radio's control panel.

I wish you an easy restoration on your pretty Windsor (Imperial-right ?). My "little Maggie" Berkeley (AM-SW) was on one chassis, crowded as can be but still easy to recap, going on 4 years now. I use it monthly and I considered it practice for the more-involved Windsor that has separate receiver and amp chassis. It may someday travel up to the family hunting cabin in NE PA. The shortwave on these post-war receivers is exceptional due to the sharp-tune filter selector, and to be in a rural area without much interference would be ideal.

Found a pic on pinterest

Sure thing Roger. The check will be in the mail ;) Now I will need to confront repair of two Garrard "A" turntables in Fisher sets

My Fisher collection can increase by one but I must sell two others to maintain ZPG (zero pop. growth) of consoles. Once I "recap as needed" a '67 Custom Electra X and '67 Statesman, I am pretty confident I can sell them with their working Dual 1010 record changers.

Fisher must have switched to Dual of West Germany for the SS models. I am VERY familiar with Dual, so repairs are probably routine re-soldering of cartridge headshell wiring, new belt, cleaning and lube.

The Warwick is apparently a "step-back" version of my 1964 Ambassador A-69, but in a pretty (by today standards) Walnut cabinet. The A-69 is FP style of average quality, which cost extra. Every Haus Frau  had a style to match.

The only difference I can see from the Fisher site is the amp chassis. Ambassador's 690A is rated for 75 watts, Warwick's 49A is rated for 50 watts, but the speakers are identical.

RCA / Re: RCA victor 1VF507
« on: February 13, 2019, 11:41:23 AM »
I have to agree the plastic knobs RCA used were especially awful in comparison to Motorola, which had mostly metal knobs in this golden era.
I have found some NOS replacements which are not yellow at all. ???

Sightings / Re: Westinghouse console
« on: February 11, 2019, 11:07:44 AM »
Not a bad looker, and with a little cleaning/polishing....


Exactly what I did last Friday when I picked it up ???, I just had to clean it up as soon as it came back to my shop for $40. I was impressed it had some interesting documentation. It had lived in the residence that was part of a long-time Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer. And of course, it was bought via a Westinghouse Appliance dealer, probably one of a handful sold.

It was not the cheapest console Westy sold though because the V-M 1241 record changer has a Sonotone cart. The cheapest westy stereo console used two 35EH5 output tubes.

The original owner's grandson had moved it a few times but it was dry (a rare blessing here in the moldy-soggy NE) there is a wood-bruise on the top at edge where something heavy must have come down on it. Also the grill cloth is pretty dull and has a hole or two but I have a replacement ready for it.

I'm probably the only one curious enough to be working on a Westy, so let's move this thread to "other tube hifi brands" before posting some pictures. ;)

Sightings / Re: Westinghouse console
« on: February 11, 2019, 09:39:47 AM »
The 7591's had 6-V filaments and could handle 300-450v on the plate, so were a step above the 7695.

This console has no power transformer. The 7695's have 50 volt heaters, and in series with the 7025's, which have pins 4 and 5 tied for 6.3v/300 ma operation.

Sylvania sure had the design engineering to back up their products.

Imagine them writing specs for the hi-fi equipment.

That receiver Steve posted has a part number for everything.

Other Tube Console Brands / Re: Bradford console?
« on: February 11, 2019, 09:21:30 AM »
I learned the W-G was Airline only recently. There were few Montgomery Wards locally, and very few Airline antiques around here. A friend of mine from lower Delmarva traded me a Airline AM-SW console from the W-G factory, post-war. I had several GE consoles and traded a 1939 GE for it.

Having seen many a Silvertone and non-import Sears-branded set 40+ years ago, I always thought they were unlike the others and then learned of Warwick from Chicago.

Chat / Re: The old GE radio
« on: February 08, 2019, 02:00:13 PM »
Check all your coils/transformers for continuity. Most of the tough dog problems I encounter in 1930s radios are due to an "open" somewhere that does not always cause a hard failure. Fortunately, the coil forms from this era are large with slack in the windings and easier to perform surgery on.

Chat / Re: On the subject of appliances....
« on: February 08, 2019, 01:55:36 PM »
Looks like new (of course, she was German, like so many Baltimoreans).
My MIL is from Baltimore and yes, it was loaded with folks from the fatherland.

I have mom's mixmaster from 1959 and I had to clean it out real good and put on a new cord. I use it and a Westinghouse had-held mixer mom got in the late 60s with a manufaturer's coupon. Our toaster is an Arvin, likely post-war.

Sightings / Re: Westinghouse console
« on: February 08, 2019, 08:59:41 AM »
I called the seller and he took a picture of the model label. H-P1800 is the "contemporary walnut" version, which is the best choice in my opinion. Like GE, all the model numbers are listed. If this is the only Westinghouse I get, its a common one, unlike there one I posted a while back with PP 6BQ5 stereo, which sold for about 4x what I plan to offer for this one. 

I looked up the schematic in Sams, and the amp is single-ended 7695 outputs and 7025 pre-amps. . The b-plus voltage is only 140 volts, so this is a light-weight amp. The single 12" LF speaker is driven from a third transformer, connected across the L and R channels. I had a Philco of the same vintage that was the same config using 6BQ5 SE.

I agree 100% with what Steve said above. I worked in a Sylvania shop and was able to easily service the 1972-79 models, which were under-rated IMHO. When Sylvania was sold to Philips, (1981?) it was not the same.

 GTE lent some engineering to make that as good a receiver as a Zenith no doubt. After the transition to solid state, most manufacturers over-stated the receiver's power output. 9 watts is similar to what Zenith rated their SE Listening is believing.

The hand-wired chassis is just like my Sylvania SC541, and the difference is 7868 tubes instead of the 6BQ5. Even the Garrard changer is the same. As you see from this label, mine is pretty filthy and I did not start working on it yet.

Chat / Re: The old GE radio
« on: February 05, 2019, 09:43:37 AM »
The master voltage divider (cand-ohm) puts R25/26 110+30 ohms between the power transformer center tap and chassis ground to develop the 6L6 negative bias.

Touching the grid cap on the 6F5 should produce a loud hum, if both it and the 6L6 are working. 1956 GE tube book shows -18 volts on grid of 6L6 with 350v on plate for a single-ended config. Schamatic shows -16 on under-chassis view of tube sockets.

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