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Sale or Trade / Philips AG1007D-75M record changer
« on: May 18, 2016, 06:12:24 AM »
This was pulled from a 1959 Philips console. Missing the cartridge. Changing mechanism works when spun by hand. Tried to sell it on eBay and high bid was $10 but shipping to CA was $33!!!!! So that deal fell through.  Trying to keep it from the landfill but we're downsizing and I need to purge.

I'll offer this for $10 plus shipping which is $33 if your on the west coast (I'm northeast) and goes down from there if you're closer.  This needs to go muy pronto!

Other Tube Console Brands / Re: Sentinel?
« on: April 04, 2016, 04:50:33 PM »
So I may be mistaken about the true definition of consolette, and perhaps mine is just a small mono console?

Anyway, here are some photos. Everything about it, including the font of the badging is the same as Magnavox. The speakers and canister cap are labeled Magnavox as well and I believe the coding for the chassis number is consistent with Magnavox. Of course, I'm no expert, so you can decide:

Other Tube Console Brands / Re: Sentinel?
« on: April 03, 2016, 08:50:47 PM »
Took a closer look. The model is 3E 772 D. Looks to be made by Mahnavox. The can cap has magnavox written on it and the chassis is numbered 51 07 AAX which I believe is a Magnavox chassis. This isn't a super high end model or anything, but it'll be fun to get it back into service.

Other Tube Console Brands / Re: Sentinel?
« on: April 03, 2016, 07:10:43 PM »
Thanks but I don't see it there. I went ahead and picked it up for $25. I'll get some pics up here soon. I love these little consoles! I think this one will end up in the master or guest bedroom. Hopefully I can find a schematic!

Other Tube Console Brands / Sentinel?
« on: April 02, 2016, 09:02:11 PM »
Anyone know anything about Sentinel branded consoles? I found an old article online saying it was. Subsidiary of magnavox. I ask because I came across a mint condition small console branded Sentinel at the local flea market. The electronics will need a full restoration, same for the record changer. But the cabinet is pristine. It's a very small console so that's why I threw th post here. I would say it's big for a console tote but small for a console if that makes sense.

Sale or Trade / Re: Philips 584A - "1004 Stereo"
« on: April 01, 2016, 01:24:30 PM »
Great idea Chris. I threw it up on CL as well, and someone says they're interested and may come by tomorrow. You know how CL goes though....  The thing I love about CL as a buyer is 9 times out of 10 the seller has other items unlisted that I'm also interested in and I can bundle purchases for a better deal. Many times I've ended up finding better stuff than what I originally went to buy!

If this buyer doesn't come through I'm definitely going to check out the Free Cycle. Sounds great!

Sale or Trade / Philips 584A - "1004 Stereo"
« on: March 30, 2016, 03:30:55 PM »
I picked up a late 50's vintage Philips console - model number FD 584A, also known as the "1004 Stereo". Here is an example at radio museum:

I picked it up with the intention to restore but I have too many other projects ahead of it and I need to clear out my garage for a classic car restoration that I want to begin soon.

The cabinet is very good condition, there is some wear obviously. I did harvest the 2 EL84 tubes for my Zenith console, otherwise all the other tubes are there - Valvo brand.

I would really HATE to see this cool little console end up in the dump, but it is where it will go if I don't find it a home within a week or two. I'd like to get $25 for it if someone can come take it away. I'm in NY about 1 hour north of NYC. I'm willing to deliver a reasonable distance for $25 plus gas. Otherwise it's going in the bin.

Hope someone here wants it!

Electronics / Adding "Tape Out" Connection
« on: December 23, 2015, 10:42:00 AM »
So the 1961 Zenith console I just finished restoring has a "Tape In" connection for reel to reel - or whatever other aux input. I'd really like to have a corresponding "Tape Out" connection if possible. I have high end cassette decks that I would love to use to record FM broadcasts and even reference lp recordings off this console. Is this possible? I'm a newbie with basic electronic skills. I can manage the skills such as re aping, etc., but have limited understanding of the theory. so I ask for your patience!

Zenith / Re: 1961 Zenith SFF2570E1 Find and Restoration
« on: December 23, 2015, 09:46:48 AM »
Finished the restoration and this unit sounds amazing! Blows my modern stero away by a mile. I've since realized that this is a top of the line model for 1961 with all features offered. Only one other console cost more that year and that was for the Georgian finish or whatever, not any electronic differences.

Two questions:

1) I'd love to find the compatible radial speakers for "surround sound". Anyone happen to have a set kicking around or know where I might find a set?

2) is there a way to connect a tape deck for recording off the console? This has an audio "in" connection only. I have some high end nakamichi equipment that could make killer recordings off this console.

Wanted / Re: Long shot Zenith parts request!
« on: December 22, 2015, 08:57:54 PM »
Thanks Pat. I hear that about the luck! In hindsight I was smart enough to take many pictures to this console and all it's various components throughout the restoration process. I even have a picture of the spring for comparison. But it's surely lost in this instance. I've done the hands and knees search several times now.

I suspect that a suitable replacement might be found on a mechanical fuel pump or carburetor. Incidentally there was a  suitable changer on eBay last month that sole for $70! A pricey spring, but at least I'd have other spare parts.

Finally, the sound of this console is incredible. I'm really blown away at how deep and warm the sound is. It's such a fuller and more colorful sound than any of our modern digital components. I like using the reverb effect on certain tracks - particularly those that already have some in their mix. I find the reverb works best with straight stereo and that the extended stereo works best on its own. This is a really fantastic top of the line Zenith from 61. Super pleased.

Wanted / Re: Long shot Zenith parts request!
« on: December 21, 2015, 10:11:14 PM »

I've been to to Gary and he's been most helpful. He helped locate the belt. Spring is another matter. This is such a rare changer that spare parts won't be easy to come by.

I'll have to post a photo of the part. It's basically a wishbone return spring. I'm sure there is a generic spring out there that would work. I thought I'd try a floppy disk dust Dover spring, and though it's the same concept, it's too small and light weight. I need one a little bigger and beefier.

Wanted / Long shot Zenith parts request!
« on: December 21, 2015, 08:35:01 AM »
I need a record changer belt for my early zenith pro series changer. This is the model with the 45 clam shell adapter AND the cobramatic arm.

The Zenith part number for the belt is 32-40. According to my Sam's this corresponds to Walsco part number 41-050.

I also need Zenith part number 80-1385 "AC Switch Spring" which sadly "sprung" from my hands when I was trying to install it, never to be seen again! This spring is needed to switch the changer off at the end of the last record. Without it the tone arm returns to the mount and the changer keeps spinning.

Phonographs / 1963 General Electric RP-2191A Portable Record Changer/Radio
« on: December 14, 2015, 02:03:51 PM »
Just found one of these at the local flea for $20. Haven't done anything with it. It will likely sit for a few months until I finish some projects ahead of it. Does anyone have any info on it, or any idea where I can find a schematic? Model is RP-2191A and has a Garrard record changer. This is a cool little portable - the changer flips up into the suitcase when not in use and the speakers seem to connect electronically through the hinges as I can't see any wire connections.

All I can find online is this recent ebay auction:

Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox 292B
« on: December 09, 2015, 08:55:12 AM »
Luckily we have a big house with lots of empty rooms so I think it perfectly reasonable to have a console in each room and then we can go from there ...

The seller actually wants $250 for it. It is in mint condition cosmetically and he claims fully functional. But I still can't justify that price. Even if it works it will need service which is an additional cost.

Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox 292B
« on: December 08, 2015, 01:19:32 PM »
Hi Impala,

Yes, you're right! I checked the 1956 magnavox brochure, and the model I'm considering looks exactly like the "Magnasonic 420" at the bottom of page 14. The 292B would have the added feature of the am/fm radio. It looks identical to the cabinet you show in your mod thread.

Unless I'm missing something it appears to be at the lower end of the line and it just seems priced too high. I'd probably jump on it if it were $50 or less.

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