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Chat / Re: GM car question for Greg, others
« Last post by electra225 on Today at 09:55:26 PM »
Chris was talking about how short a life dual exhaust systems had back in the day.  There was always something going on with the exhaust system on my Buick.  The removal of lead from the gasoline is the biggest improvement in exhaust life.  And spark plug life.  And engine life in general.  IT was not uncommon to see a bunch of "gray goop" in the lifter valley and oil pan on engines that used leaded fuel.  That stuff was corrosive.  Modern engine oil, the cheapest you can buy, is so much better than the best available when our old cars were built it is almost impossible to describe.  The exhaust system on my Buiick currently has been there 23 years and is as good as it was when I put it on.  Electronic ignition, fuel injection, synthetic oil and unleaded fuel are the reasons cars run 300,000 miles anymore without needing major engine work.
Chat / Re: GM car question for Greg, others
« Last post by danrclem on Today at 09:04:31 PM »
The thing that I miss most about the old cars was the simplicity.  They were a lot easier to diagnose and easier to fix.  You usually had a lot more room to maneuver around the engine bay.  My brother used to have an old Comet convertible six banger and when he changed the oil he could do it by just opening the hood and leaning over the fender.  The downside is reliability. 

I never have accepted new technology very well until it's fully proven.  When vehicles came out with the new ignition systems I was apprehensive and the same thing with fuel injection.  Now I know that they may be the two best things to ever have been implemented into automobiles.

The new engines are very reliable and last a long time but I do think that they could make things simpler.  I usually look at them and scratch my head even though I have been able to fix a few things on them.  You usually have to have a computer to figure out what's wrong with them and even then it usually just gives you a starting point.  If you take them to a dealer it's gonna cost you an arm and a leg or two.

Chat / Re: GM car question for Greg, others
« Last post by electra225 on Today at 07:45:20 PM »
AND, you did a tune-up spring and fall.  You had to put in new points and plugs to have a prayer of starting in the winter.  You are right, we're spoiled.  You had to check the "alkeehall" and put on the snow tires.  I remember the first time my dad used permanent anti-freeze, what a big deal that was.  If you used alcohol anti-freeze (not moonshine, methyl alcohol antifreeze) you had to drain it out for the summer or the radiator would boil over.  That alcohol antifreeze would spot the paint if that happened.  You could run "permanent" all year around and did not have to worry about boiling or not having enough antifreeze. 
Chat / Re: GM car question for Greg, others
« Last post by walyfd on Today at 02:07:23 PM »
That's why I always loved Cadillacs...  if it wasn't standard, it was optional.  ARE there ANY cars without power windows now?  This '62 I got has 8 power windows, locks, fog lamps, Guidematic, Wonderbar with power antenna and air but a 2-way seat, no power trunk or cruise.  I'm adding cruise if I find the factory setup.

I remember my uncle ordered a '77 impala without air and had to wait for it.  When he tried the same thing in '86, the dealer laughed at him and asked how much he was going to pay the dealership to take the no air '77 on a trade...
Zenith Solid State Discussion / Re: Zenith YT960
« Last post by chazglenn3 on Today at 01:04:56 PM »
Very true, Chris. It would easily mount on the back of the cabinet and not require modification of the wiring. I'll hook it up just so the option is there if I decide to connect my phone or an iPod one day.
Chat / Re: GM car question for Greg, others
« Last post by TC Chris on Today at 01:02:10 PM »
Absolutely.  When my Chevy was new, if somebody had an aluminum, double overhead cam, 4 valve  per cylinder fuel-injected engine, it some sort of exotic racing engine.  Now it sits in my little pickup truck, about the least exotic form of transportation around.  And it starts and runs flawlessly after 153,000 miles with no service except for changing the plugs once. It even has the original 2005 battery, which gets little abuse since the engine starts so quickly.  The Chevy had 78,300 miles on the engine when it was rebuilt, and it was very tired.

Chris Campbell
Chat / Re: GM car question for Greg, others
« Last post by walyfd on Today at 11:43:04 AM »
Remember, too, that there was a summer and winter choke setting...

I think we're spoiled with today's fuel delivery methods. 
Zenith Solid State Discussion / Re: Zenith YT960
« Last post by TC Chris on Today at 11:14:44 AM »
You can always hide things. Put the switch around behind.  Make the installation reversible so you can remove it if necessary to preserve authenticity in the future.  My 1948 jukebox has its volume control behind the device.  It's not hard to reach around.  My parents' first TV, a 1953 Zenith console, originally had an aftermarket antenna selector screwed to the back.  The available stations were in different directions and the rooftop antenna mast had two devices on it.  Still have the TV.

Chris Campbell
Chat / Re: GM car question for Greg, others
« Last post by TC Chris on Today at 11:05:21 AM »
I bought a carb kit using the number on the triangular aluminum tag.  It came with instructions and specs from (I think) a GM publication. I also have the car's shop manual.  All I remember now is that the specs were called out in 64ths and the kit did not include cardboard jigs for measuring.  My eyes and fingers work in 16ths.  I made my own jigs finally after struggling with the carb parts & scale.  And then the rebuilder took it apart to verify.  The car runs beautifully when warm and not all that badly when cold--just when you make that left turn in front of the truck.  And that was with temps in the low 30s. 

The shop manual is back with the car.  I did a Google search for choke-setting instructions last night.  I'll try just rotating the bimetal choke spring a bit until the choke closes more when I visit the car at Thanksgiving--and, weather permitting, cruise around some. 

Chris Campbell
Other Solid State Console Brands / Re: Sylvania SC422K
« Last post by chazglenn3 on Today at 11:01:19 AM »
It is made by Sylvania. You can find it in the 1971 catalog. 50 watts total output power. 8" woofers.
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