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Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox Stereo Theater 1MR418M restoration
« Last post by danrclem on Today at 08:14:30 PM »
See if you can get Bill to look at the speakers again.  The ones that I have saw have more than one set of numbers.  The number that starts with 232 seems to usually be on the basket somewhere.  On the heavy steel on yours that wraps around the magnet it looks like a 32215 and if it has a number in front of it the wires are covering it. 
The speaker numbers I posted earlier are Magnavox part numbers.

There are some nice features on this instrument that I have not seen typically on Magnavox.  They have put usable antenna connections and external speaker connections mounted to the cabinet, instead of kluged onto the back cover.  We also have the biggest rat's nest of wiring I have ever seen, even on a Magnavox.  This certainly can't be the way is was done from the factory.  The two green wires from the phono cartridge to the tuner are wrapped around the power wires to the TV. 

If you notice in the top picture, the amplifier is powered off the TV chassis.  You can see the plug in the right hand side of the picture, toward the top of the TV chassis.  There is a circuit breaker for the TV and an interlock power cord.  There are so many wires I can't really tell, so it begs the question does the remote control work with the entire instrument or just the TV?  If it turns the TV power on and off, adjusts the volume ( done with controls on the tuner) and changes channels, why would it not also change channels on the radio?  I don't see extra wires going to the changer.
Tim, it is not actually in MY possession just yet.  Bill is babysitting.  The quest is officially over for a Stereo Theater.  Don't tell my wife, but the next thing is a little Imperial.  Model 1ST665.   :)

Danny, thanks for that information.   The numbers I have for the woofers are 581201 and for the horns 580059.  These might be part numbers.  I need to secure Sams documentation for this thing to help with this.  I'll print those speaker codes so I can refer to them.
Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox Stereo Theater 1MR418M restoration
« Last post by danrclem on Today at 09:11:42 AM »
On the speakers there should be a number starting with 232 which is the Magnavox EIA speaker code.  The following number would be the last number of the year it was made in and the following two digits would be the week it was made in.
Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox Stereo Theater 1MR418M restoration
« Last post by Alfista on Today at 08:40:04 AM »
So is this in your possession, Greg? Has your quest finally come to an end???

I feel like we should collectively open a bottle of champagne!

Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox Stereo Theater 1MR418M restoration
« Last post by Bill on Today at 06:24:55 AM »
The first step taken for "Rest of the Story".  I can't wait for Greg to start on his new baby so we can all learn what makes a Magnavox Stereo Theater tick!

Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox Windsor
« Last post by ed from Baltimore on June 22, 2018, 10:49:52 PM »
I meant to say from Magnavox Manuals and Documentation and it doesn't mention any year. The inside of the can should not have any potting in it, just two coils  with an electrostatic screen between them. The can metal should go with a wire to chassis ground. That five feet of twisted pair wire might have been part of an original length of thirty feet or so and might have led to the attic of the house you bought the unit from, with the rest of the antenna parts still hanging in the attic among the rafters.
Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox Windsor
« Last post by ed from Baltimore on June 22, 2018, 10:29:59 PM »
  Hey, found something !   Download the noise reducing antenna installation instructions from Magnavox installation  manuals and it shows the exact can with the crimp on the right side  and the red and black wires are mentioned. Two more wires come from the back of the can. Your photo doesn't show them but you might check back there.  Good luck.
Magnificent Magnavox / Magnavox Stereo Theater 1MR418M restoration
« Last post by electra225 on June 22, 2018, 10:07:45 PM »
1=Run 1
M=Stereo Theater
R=Total Remote Control
418=model 18 in the 400 series
M (suffix)=27" picture tube/CRT

What I know so far.  It has a 93-02-10 amplifier, 57-XX-XX tuner chassis, possibly a 57-16-XX, pending being able to see the number better, 71-00-00 MPX chassis, C36-20-11 TV chassis and an unknown model solid state remote control amplifier chassis.  Two 12" side-firing woofers and two front-firing 4X10 horns.  There are two tubes in the TV tuner, 9 tubes in the radio tuner, three tubes in the MPX adapter, 17 tubes in the TV chassis plus the CRT, and 7 tubes in the audio amplifier.  39 tubes if I have counted right.  It has a replacement "jug" (picture tube) and has at least one GE tube in the TV chassis and one of the 6EU7's in the amp is a Radio Shack tube.  The shield for the IF strip in the radio tuner is missing, so there has been work done on this thing sometime during the last 55 years or so.  This particular model is listed in the 1962 catalog.  The code on the MPX chassis is 424253.  Since there were not 53 weeks in 1962, could this code be for the 25th week of 1963?  This presents the first mystery.  My understanding is that there were no tube Stereo Theaters built in 1963, according to the 1963 catalog.  I need to figure out the code on the MPX adapter.  I have codes for the speakers, but those make no sense to me.  Perhaps someone else can help with that.  I'll post those later.  I haven't gotten codes off tubes yet.

This instrument is alleged to have a "nasty" hum in the output.  If it still hums, that shows the power transformer is good.  That is my first area of exploration. 

This is all preliminary.  This will be a fascinating journey.   :)
Wanted / Re: Magnavox Stereo Theater
« Last post by electra225 on June 22, 2018, 09:44:30 PM »
Now is not the best time to mention more than one.   ;)

We'll be heading to the UP sometime around the 10th of July, give or take.

I don't want to get our little conversation moved, so I'll just say this.  I have been looking online and can't find a video of anyone restoring a Stereo Theater, every nut, bolt and wire.  This one may be the first.  A kid at Christmas did not look three years for the goodies.   ;)

I'll start a restoration thread in "Magnificent Magnavox" so we don't get on the wrong side of the moderator team.  I'll need lots of help on this project, so you guys feel free to jump right in.   :)
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