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Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox Micromatic Model: 2ST647 New Needle - No Sound
« Last post by John B on March 21, 2018, 09:50:18 PM »

I see the diagram and I tried all three pairs and no sound, only faintly from the needle.  I don't know if I'm using the right side of the needle because one side is marked "S" and the other side there is no marking.  Anyway, years ago I made the console into a speaker from the Pioneer receiver in the other room and that works.   I have the phono RCA's going to Pioneer receiver, bypassing the inputs inside the console.  That way I could have the records heard in all the house.  I guess I have things mixed up and I have to figure it out all over again. 

John B 
Two wires from the changer cartridge goes to RCA inputs on the rear apron of the tuner chassis.  Marked Phono.  Can't miss them.  Then switch the function switch to "Stereo" and see if the changer talks.    There will also be tape inputs and outputs.  Also inputs for the MPX adapter.  All clearly marked.  There should be a paper diagram in the floor of the cabinet that shows how things hook up as well.  Information is available on this forum at the top of the page, under "Downloads".  Easy to follow and well organized.  Good luck.

Here is a picture of my Imperial chassis.  Yours may not be identical to this one, but this shows how the phono is connected to the tuner.
Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox Micromatic Model: 2ST647 New Needle - No Sound
« Last post by John B on March 21, 2018, 08:27:37 PM »
TC Chris,

The wires are connected from the RCA's that come from the needle and cartridge  circuit board under the turntable and go to the receiver in the other room.  It has worked that way, I think.  I switched the CD inputs to the Phono inputs and I get sound.  I found a diagram in the console that shows where the RCA's from the cartridge go, they're three pairs and I tried them but I think they are all inputs.  Anything that plays through the stereo receiver can be played through the console speakers because the receiver has A & B speakers.  I got a number from the cartridge and I'll look it up just in case (36758-2).  Do you think that I should try to put the RCA's into the inputs in the console and then go from the speaker output to the stereo receiver?  I'll keep trying.

Thanks for your reply,

John B 
Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox Micromatic Model: 2ST647 New Needle - No Sound
« Last post by TC Chris on March 21, 2018, 07:48:38 PM »
Can't quite figure out the part about wires under the house to a Pioneer receiver.  Plug your changer into the right inputs on the console and see what happens.  If no sound, probably no luck with the cartridge.  Replacing a needle has no effect except on record wear, really--you should get some sound with even a worn one if the cartridge is alive, the wring is intact, and the electronics are working properly.  Try plugging something else into the phono input and see what you hear.  If the output from  the device you plug in is too high, it may sound distorted, but at least you'll know the amp s working.

Chris Campbell
Magnificent Magnavox / Magnavox Micromatic Model: 2ST647 New Needle - No Sound
« Last post by John B on March 21, 2018, 05:00:19 PM »
My Magnavox Micromatic Model:  2ST647.  I put in a new needle and the changer works nicely after I cleaned and oiled it but I am not getting any sound.  The wires from the console go underneath the house to a Pioneer receiver.  Ground wire also connected.  Speakers in the console work.  I switched to another input but no luck.  Could it be the cartridge?  I can't see any damage and connections look clean enough  and I'll continue to search for answers.

Thanks for any help,

John B
Introductions / Re: Hi from a recovering component snob! lol
« Last post by firedome on March 21, 2018, 12:18:54 PM »
Hi Ed and all:
Been away in FL for the last month and unintentionally neglecting this site!
Thanks for your responses! 

We lived 1 block W of Charles St Ave. and knew that name sounded familiar, but it's been a long time now!  I haven't been back for 15 years at least, but need to do so before I get too much older!

I remember hitting Brooks Buick in their old location at the top of the hill on York Rd like clockwork every year on my bike on annual fall visits to all the dealers during the new model years intros to pick up brochures (should have saved them!) , along with Towson Ford, Marsden Chevrolet, and Dulaney Chrys/Plym!  The only one left is Brooks, and I think that's just BMWs and no Buick now? :-(

That DeSoto must have been a '58 if it had the pinched, not oval, bumper exhaust port, I had a '58 DeS until a few years ago, now I have a '59 Firedome - hence my name here!

On the console front, I'm hoping to pick up a TOL RCA console from a member here this coming weekend, luckily the latest Nor'easter is going to miss us, at least this go-round, thank heavens!!  Will post that info when we get 'er done!
Magnificent Magnavox / Re: My 1951 (??) Magnavox
« Last post by TC Chris on March 20, 2018, 10:09:53 PM »
Paul's is the same beast, the first I've ever seen, with very minor differences--mahogany (probably more expensive than the "fruitwood" toned lacquer on mine; the TV option; different door hardware; and the fluted edges outside the doors (my doors are full width; the edge of the cabinet does not show unless they're open).  I've always guessed 1951  for mine, but it could be 1950.

Know why the dial glass looks different?  Paul's has the original horizontal bars under the frequency numbers.  It was applied on the outisde of the glass and, at least on mine, was very easily scratched.  It was very tempting for children to take a fingernail to it.  I eventually scraped it all off, to look better.  But mine doesn't have any wear on the copper face.

I do know that the TV option was not chosen in part because there were no local stations when Dad bought it.  He bought a 1954 Zenith TV just before the local station went on the air.  We could see the station in Lansing, 100 miles away, with lots of snow.  It went off the air late every night.  The local stations came along later--two VHF, and a bit later still a UHF station that required a set-top converter.  Still have the Zenith TV, too.

Chris Campbell
Magnificent Magnavox / Re: My 1951 (??) Magnavox
« Last post by Bill on March 20, 2018, 10:17:20 AM »

I'm not sure of the year but it's nice looking.  Does it play?  Paul's looks good also and he is probably right early 50's.

Magnificent Magnavox / Re: My 1951 (??) Magnavox
« Last post by amglow on March 20, 2018, 06:34:52 AM »
That record changer was one of the first ones with the new 45RPM format that Magnavox installed in their consoles.  I have a 1950 Windsor and Wedgewood with that record changer.  My Wedgewood is very similar to yours, but includes the B&W TV.  The radio bezel looks exactly the same on the Wedgewood and yours, but the dial glass is slightly different.   I would say your Maggie is very early 50's production.  It's probably 1950-1952.
Magnificent Magnavox / My 1951 (??) Magnavox
« Last post by TC Chris on March 19, 2018, 10:25:54 PM »
I snapped some more pictures of my early '50s Magnavox.  First is the record changer, a Webster-Chicago model that is not often seen.  The speed knob is chrome, tall, 1 inch or so, with a "reject" button in the middle.  The size selector (7" or 10") is chrome also.

The dial face is copper-plated and the raised area around the dial itself is uniformly sized & raised (later ones had some taper).  This was a no-flash handheld natural light attempt, with hand-shake.  My camera is not happy.  You will notice that Magnavox had not yet become Magnificent.

Here's also a full frontal shot, taken previously, just for reference.

So tell me--what year was this sold? 

Chris Campbell
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