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Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox 1ST278R Information
« Last post by TC Chris on Today at 10:50:39 PM »
If the old dial cord is still there, note how many turns it has around the tuning shaft, and the direction they run.  You can often figure out routing of the cord just by staring at the device for a while.  Usually there's a spring somewhere to keep the cord tight--often on the big pulley that drives the tuning capacitor.  Getting the cord in the right direction on the tuning shaft is important so the dial pointer goes right when you turn the knob clockwise and vice-versa.

Chris Campbell
Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox 1ST278R Information
« Last post by danrclem on Today at 09:16:11 PM »

I looked in the downloads section and couldn't find anything on a 5903-00 tuner but that doesn't mean it's not there or there could be one that is basically the same.  If you're not able to get a diagram of the string routing somebody here might have a tuner like yours that they would be able to take a picture of or draw a picture to show how it is routed.  I wouldn't know what a 5903-00 looks like so you may have to take a picture of it and post it here so we'll know what to look for.
Magnificent Magnavox / Magnavox 1ST278R Information
« Last post by sjdefranco on Today at 04:30:15 PM »
Hi Everyone,

Thank you for allowing me to join.

I just acquired an 1ST278R stereo console. The speaker codes date from 1961.

The amplifier works but the unit has issues with the turntable and the radio tuner cord is broken. I have been able to find information for the S600 turntable as well as the 8601-01 amplifier but I have not yet been able to find information on routing a new tuner cord for the 5930-00 tuner.

So if anyone has the information or can direct me to such a resource I would be grateful.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox Stereo Theater 1MR418M restoration
« Last post by 19and41 on Today at 04:25:46 PM »
That's great!  Didn't you get a pattern generator sometime back?  If not you will probably need a digital to analog converter.  I have one from the government giveaway unopened, should you need one.
   Sounds like you are almost there if you have a decent raster.
          A 60s Zenith B&W I looked at years ago had an open 3.9 MegOhm resistor from +Dc voltage too the AGC line. The set would play at first, then slowly go to no sound and then blank white raster with no snow. I guess that 3.9 Meg resistor from +DC to the AGC line was there to bleed off a buildup of voltage that would shut down the RF and IF stages. Your set looks like it has that "Keyed AGC" circuit that somehow turns large pulses from the horizontal output transformer and sync pulses from the video signal into small negative going AGC voltage, but I never understood how it did it, especially how it opened the gain of the set way up when there was no video signal to receive.
         With the set operating, put a DC voltmeter across that 3.9 Meg resistor and if you get snow and rushing noise back, you will know that resistor is open. I don't think you can measure it in the circuit with power off because there are too many bypass paths giving false readings. 
Chat / Re: The Little Man Who Wasn't There
« Last post by ed from Baltimore on Today at 01:16:24 PM »
           An early winter or maybe an extra cold and long winter. That's what I heard that extra busy squirrels meant.
              The story about the intermittent dragging noise was one I thought would have the same ending that happened to me years ago. I too heard a strange dragging noise outside every thirty seconds or so with total silence between and no one to be seen every time I stepped outside to see what caused it. This was at night.
              Turns out someone was going overhead with a hot air balloon that was straying too close to ground level, and they were releasing occasional blasts of gas flame from their tanks in sudden  bursts to get the air temperature back up and not land go near the overhead electric wires. When the flames wee lit, you could see the entire area glowing with light and hear the roaring noise like a loud furnace.
Magnificent Magnavox / Re: Magnavox Stereo Theater 1MR418M restoration
« Last post by Bill on Today at 11:55:12 AM »
Congrats Greg!   It's been a long time coming but I knew you could do it.  So what was the reason it was blowing the amp fuse?

Success!!   :) :) :) :)

Well, maybe partial success might be a better term.  I have most of a TV set.  I have no shorts, no arching, no red plating.  I have a nice, full screen.  It appears to have a bright picture tube.  The entire Stereo Theater pulls 301.85 watts without the record player motor on.  I have no TV audio, just a hum.  I see hash in the raster, but I don't know for sure if the tuner and IF sections are working.  The display is best described as "squiggly".  It was unstable horizonatally when the display came up, and I seemed to be able to adjust that out.  I'm guessing I have both vertical and horizonatal unstable or I have a dirty control.  There is nothing connected to the antenna terminals.  Maybe some kind of signal thru the tuner might be what I need now.  But, this is progress.  Now we get to sort the TV.   ::) :-\ :-[ ;) :)
Chat / Re: The Little Man Who Wasn't There
« Last post by Bill on Today at 09:47:35 AM »
It's to early for Halloween, and scary stories!  I wonder if this is a sign of a early winter?  The leaves are already turning here, which is about two weeks early.  :( :(

Chat / Re: The Little Man Who Wasn't There
« Last post by electra225 on Today at 09:00:57 AM »
There is a tree with a hollow spot in it next door behind their garage.  The squirrels are stashing acorns and walnuts up that tree as hard as they can go. 
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