Author Topic: Spoiler alert- this doesn't end well...  (Read 2040 times)


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Spoiler alert- this doesn't end well...
« on: November 08, 2015, 07:23:17 PM »
I work part time at a local TV/radio/vacuum repair shop doing work on the antique stuff that comes in. We also fix consoles. I seem to get all the German ones, as no one else seems to want to work on them... Anyway, we have some consoles in the showroom; a few for sale but most are customer units as that's the only place where we have the room to store them while they are being repaired.

A guy came in the other day commenting on the consoles. One of the guys at the counter starts to chat with him, mentioning how consoles are getting popular again, etc. The guy mentions that he had console in his basement that he had been wanting to get rid of. He goes on to say that he bought it new, and when asked about the make, he says, "One of those huge Magnavoxes.. It weighs a ton!" He described it further, and mentioned that it had a remote! It sounded like he was describing a Concert Grand! The counterman knew that I was into these beasts and asked the guy for his info so I could contact him about it.

(If you don't like unhappy endings, stop reading now)

The guy just laughed and said that he had tried to sell it for years and no one was interested. One junk pickup day he slipped the junk men $50 to haul it up out of the basement and toss it into the garbage truck... the remote, everything.

My only hope was that maybe it was an Imperial... (not that I'd want that to happen to ANY console, but it takes a tiny bit of the sting out of it)
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Re: Spoiler alert- this doesn't end well...
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2015, 09:43:56 PM »
Let's hope a Concert Grand didn't get hauled to the dump.  I think some Imperials had wired remotes.  Hopefully it was one of them.


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Re: Spoiler alert- this doesn't end well...
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2015, 11:41:44 PM »
I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of good stuff hit the dump in the 70's-80's due to a bad tube of exploded cap.
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Re: Spoiler alert- this doesn't end well...
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2017, 06:26:25 AM »
Hopefully this will offset the loss of the Maggie for the OP;

Back in Aug 2012 Buglegirl answered a CL listing in the DC area for a FREE Fisher console,  Apparently I ws the 2nd caller because the lady stated she had just talked to a female collector in B-More.  She described it as an Executive, and just wanted it out of the house.  I explained to her that Buglegirl would take very good care of it, and it wouldn't get gutted and the 800c would be the only thing used. 

Well, Buglegirl got the nod, she called me, and the next morning we set out for south of DC in my S-10 with the trailer attached.  I sshould mention that I brought a handtruck.  Good thing too, as it was in the basement and the only way it was coming out was the outside door.  Step down to the drain pit, with sideways stairs.  The outer wall was about 6" above the ground, so I laid a bunch of 2x4's across the chasm and pulled it out.  Then up the hill around the side of the house with Buglegirl saying:"I'm Sorry" every 3 ft. as she couldn't lift or push/pull at the time. 

The lady explained to us that Fran got it because she wasn't going to let it go to scrap.  She Gave away a nearly brand new freezer about 6 months prior and all the clowns who got it could talk about was the scrap value of it and how much $$ they'd get from it.  I told the lady that it was in good hands with either one of us as we both collected FISHER's and it would get an overhaul and get used. She seemed to be re-assured by that.  I actually sent her pictures of the unit 2 years later of it in my house.   

Got it on the trailer, tied down and drove to her house.  She's got like 5 Marble steps to the Outer Front door, then a step up and another door within 5 ft.  It had rained on the way up so everything was slick and wet.  Managed to get it inside, and dried off. 

About 8 month's later while I was doing the rebuild on the 800c Fran asked me if I wanted the cabinet as she was running out of room.  I said "SURE" so I went and got it when I dropped off her 800c.  I then traded her some work on 2-3 other units for the 800c.  This was early 2014.  It's been together since and I have absolutely NO INTENTION of selling or giving it away, because It's gonna be a wedding present for my Grand-Daughter who's 5 now.  And thru the overwhelming generousity of 2 fellow AK'er's an AMPEX 1250 Reel to Reel deck is on it's way to be installed in the Executive as it wasn't ordered from the factory with one.  Then I have to scrounge around for a K-10 Space Expander as Buglegirl took off the one on the Executive.   

It's an Early '63 by serial #'s and info sheet on the back. IT has a stencil on the bottom with a 1963 build year on it.   It was finally sold, by Campbell Music in Chantilly Va., in 1966.  The Cabinet is an Italian Provincial, which while I'm not crazy about the provincial style's, this one I like.  The 800c has been totally gone over, and has all new OLD STOCK tuner, mpx, preamp,and PI TUBES.  Tubes are predominately Sylvania's with the PI's being Telefunkens.  It was populated with EH7591's originally by me, but when the Tung-Sol Re-Issues came out I put them in.  Bias Balance board designed by Dave G. was built and installed.  There were a couple of undersized resistors in the Mpx circuit and they were changed out and the diode bridge for the MPX was rebuilt.  Main Filter caps by Hayseed Hamfest, ECQ Stacked Films, and K-42's for the output couplers.  The lights for the dial scale are LED's and the Stereo Beacon and Strength meter lamps circuit was modified to give the bulb's approx 3.5v so they light up but don't overload the ambient light from the LED's.  Dayton Audio caps in the crossovers.  WS-1 speakers are plugged in and are mounted about 4ft from the console on the walls.  This widens the stereo effect. 

The Type A II Turntable was overhauled and a new idler wheel installed.  I have 3 different headshells for the tonearm with a Shure M-3, Stanton/Pickering 400V.3, and a Pickering ATE with a 78 stylus. 

I hope to be able to go thru it again in 15-20 years again and make sure it's ok for another 50 years from that point.  Hopefully it'll only be a few lytics and the Can's.   When my grandkids come over they are allowed to play the turntable and learn what happens when the control are turned or switched flipped. 

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Re: Spoiler alert- this doesn't end well...
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2017, 06:41:25 PM »
That's a beauty Larry!

And FWIW I like the Italian Provincial cabinetry!
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