Author Topic: Magnavox Symphonette Impressions/Review  (Read 2010 times)


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Magnavox Symphonette Impressions/Review
« on: December 27, 2015, 03:52:01 AM »
So I owned a Magnavox Symphonette quite some time ago, sold it about a month ago and never really made mention to it so here's the obligatory thread I suppose!
I got this unit for $30 at the Antique Radio Conference of Illinois (ARCI, for short.) The gentlemen kinda just wanted it gone, for good reason. The thing was hideous when I got it. The finish on the top was faded, and many areas it was flaking off. The legs were originally painted a very dark purplish red, but the paint was totally flaked off to bare wood. I tried finding a paint that matched but I didn't so I stripped the paint with lacquer thinner and stained the wooden legs a dark mahogany. After coats of lacquer, they looked quite appropriate for selling/personal use purposes.

As for electronics, it was shot. The thing hummed very loud and not much else. I didn't show it but I restuffed the capacitor for the main filters, which perked it up. Many of the resistors were fried so I basically replaced all the caps and resistors in the amplifier. The tubes were perfect and the 6X5 tested borderline new, so not much need to worry.

I was limited in tools for the finishing, as my messy shop didn't have all the stuff brought there at that time. So I didn't get piano finish quality but I think it looked quite decent for the lack of tools I had at the time.

This unit is equipped with the RC 456 changer, and a 163AA amplifier. I gotta say, after the restore, it rocks! The treble is slightly subdued but it had great bass and dynamics! I was quite impressed with the sound as it kicked the snot out of many cheaper low boy units. Though obviously the bigger magnavox units are superior in every way, this unit was still quite a quality piece of equipment regardless of the fact it was a smaller more budget focused unit. I'm happy with how it turned out, so for your pleasure here's some pics in my sloppy gear stuffed shop.


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Re: Magnavox Symphonette Impressions/Review
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2015, 09:16:50 AM »
Very nice! After the work you put into it it would look great in any home.


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Re: Magnavox Symphonette Impressions/Review
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2015, 08:57:32 PM »
Great job! I would like to be able to restore units like that one day when I learn more and have the time.