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Finish restoration
« on: April 05, 2016, 07:58:27 PM »
Just a comment on finish restoration.  I have a ca. 1940 Sparton console radio that my sister bought for me about 25 years ago.  It was perfect.  It sat in my parents' basement temporarily, but just in time for the Great Flood that also killed my Mustang's engine.  The basement had about 12" of water for a few hours.  The bottom part of the veneers delaminated.  Boo.  And so it sat for all those years until the beginning of this year, when I began regluing the plywood veneers and the various joints.   That went pretty well but the finish was discolored where it had been immersed, plus there was a big white spot on top where something wet had been perched up there while we scrambled to salvage stuff in the flood. 

The plan was just to remove the finish and refinish it but I decided to try the Howard's stuff. The effect was quite good in this instance.  The spot on top is visible still, but much less so.  The discoloration on the bottom 12" is much less evident--the restorer seems to have added color and maybe some consolidation to the lacquer finish.  I think I'll call it good.  It's a bit darker than when I started but it's wholly acceptable.

Chris Campbell

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