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1957 Airline Deluxe Console
« on: May 08, 2016, 02:39:54 PM »
I bought this for $100 off of Ebay that was a local pickup sale only. When I picked it up the seller said the turntable was not working quite right so he would take $10 off and he didn't like paying Ebay fees so he cancelled the Ebay transaction while I was there and refunded my Paypal payment. I then gave him $80 cash for the console. Sweet! Anyway I finally decided to give it a listen today and the FM sounds great! I play some violin myself and I listened to a violin concerto and the violin sounded like it was in the same room with me! I'm not sure who made this unit for Montgomery Wards but it sounds great as it sits now. It has Jensen speakers. I think the cartridge or needle or both need replacing along with a recapping for the whole unit. I've listed my two Magnavox finds on this site and now with this purchase you can see this is addicting! As they sit now with no restoration work done the Airline FM sounds the best of all three consoles. These pictures are from the Ebay listing.

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