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Magnavox 'custom" Collaro C-60
« on: July 21, 2017, 12:38:51 PM »
Here is the changer from my 1947 Berkeley. Obviously this was an upgrade to play newer records and it has an E-V 26, stereo cartridge. It is in good physical shape but lots of dust has lodged under and in the mechanism, so I have spent effort cleaning it. I just disassembled/cleaned/lubed bearings on the motor and replaced the conical rubber motor mount bushings. It is plenty torquey and sits just right where it should, vertically lining up with the drive pulleys, which are supple and pliant.  It looks like the British-made Micromatics I'm used to like the later W602's but other things are not at all similar and I have a few questions and hope someone here can give benefit of experience. 

The cycle wheel/gear must be removed so its shaft can be lubricated just like on later Magnavox but it looks like 5 Philips screws on top side, around the spindle area and tone-arm, need to come out to drop the entire changing mechanism. Before I take the step of this much disassembly, is it necessary to thoroughly clean and lube the changer?

A second issue is the idler wheel that drives the platter. It seems not able to move far enough horizontally to engage the capstan on the motor. Is there a "release action" like on V-M changers that allows it to swing over?
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