Author Topic: Restore-a-Finishing a Concert Grand  (Read 991 times)


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Restore-a-Finishing a Concert Grand
« on: July 23, 2017, 11:33:33 AM »
about to embark on this little adventure and had a few questions
for those who have used Restore-a-Finshish before.

First, I have 2 60/61 CG. Both are Traditionals.
One is in fantastic shape with a great finish and is a deeper
Red that I'm sure is Mahogany. The one I'm going to try to
restore is tough to figure out. Tag/sticker is gone in both,
And the rough one perplexes me because the front looks like
the Mahogany one, but the sides are more light brown.
I'm thinking the sides are sun faded? I'll post some pics on the bottom
But it's even a pain to get a good shot as it's in the garage and flash off
or flash on isn't a great representation.


1) Any secrets for prep before restore a finish?
2) Does more than one coat do "more"

3) if I filled a small nick with colored putty does
     it help mask it? (As much as it ever could)

4) my nicer one has basically no visible scratching,
     and the finish still has shine and luster. Would
      restore a finish help or hurt? and if I shouldn't use it,
      What's the best product to take a good finish to
       The next level?

5) is there a finish/polish coat product specifically for
     Restore a Finish? Or recommendations?



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Re: Restore-a-Finishing a Concert Grand
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2017, 06:57:30 PM »
You need two rags.  Rub the stuff on one section at a time, give it a minute, then wipe it off with the dry cloth.  Sometimes you need to retouch with a Minwax stain retouching pen first to eliminate flea bites and scratches.  I've also learned that after going over the entire cabinet with the Howard's, give it a few days and go over the entire cabinet again the same way with Minwax red mahogany stain.  That really smooths out the finish.