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R214-00-AA Chassis
« on: August 04, 2017, 07:49:20 AM »
Looking for a solid state chassis that matches my own.  Want to recap but am afraid I'll ruin the decent sounding chassis I already have, and would rather practice on another, and have it be the right one, for the sake of IF i get everything right, I'll already have the right chassis to swap out. 

I've managed to score a of my micromatic changer via the auction site, for similar purposes, and would like to manage the same for my radio/amp chassis.

Any leads would be appreciated.  My email address is on my profile, and I can be reached there, or here via public reply.  Don't be shy!  Not looking to pay an arm and a leg.  I've managed to get this hobby and all its repairs, wonts, wants, needs, etc. off the ground so far for only a few hundred and am not trying to match that expense on a single item. 

All fair and reasonable offers welcome.

As always, you guys are the greatest,
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