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Hello form Kansas!
« on: October 15, 2017, 08:35:41 PM »
Hello all!

I have been dabbling in vintage hifi for a little while now, before that I restored old tube radio's and built a few tube guitar amps.

I mostly collect tube receivers and amp/tuner's, as well as some select solid state equipment, but two weekends ago I purchased a Mathes HiFi console....

The search for info on my new console has led me here, and there is ALOT of good info that I have seen so far...and lots that I have yet to read!

Looking forward to being a part of the Vintage HiFi community!

I will post more on my Mathes console in the Console forum, I do need help identifying it!

For those interested, this is some of the HiFi equipment I have collected:

Sansui QR-4500
Kenwood KA-601 + KT-615 Tuner
Pioneer SM-R151
EICO HF-32 x2, HFT-92 Tuner, HF-85 Preamp
Harman Kardon 730
Pioneer SA-600
Sherwood S5000 Series I

Bose 601 (Series I)
B&O Beovox RL35

Technics SL-D303
B&O Beogram RX2
Garrard RC88/4
Garrard Series A II Lab
Marantz CC-65

Mathes HiFi Console (1958?)


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Re: Hello form Kansas!
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2017, 09:05:57 PM »
Welcome!  We are glad you joined our group.

I mostly collect Magnavox equipment, but will admit to having a couple hundred old radios myself.  The only tube hifi equipment I have is a Dynaco STA-35 amp and a Harmon-Kardon Stereo Festival.  I haven't used either in YEARS. 
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