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our other console (partial) find
« on: December 30, 2017, 02:25:21 PM »
The other console we found at the same furniture store was a custom unit, consisting of a very nice early to mid '60s MCM Barzilay cabinet, and had once contained component tube units. This console replaced the RCA that was originally in the store owner's home, and was put in the store's back storage area under some old draperies some years ago, evidently when replaced by a more up-to-date solid state unit, after requiring repairs. Unfortunately somewhere along the line the electronics had been removed for repair, resulting in the purchase of a new stereo, and never re-installed; it's unknown by the guy who bought the defunct store 2 years ago what happened to them, the store's original owners having passed on some time ago.

The (apparently) outboard speakers that matched the cabinet were also AWOL. The compartments behind the sliding doors are for record storage, the wire record dividers are still present, so the speakers must have been separate. The only component now remaining in the console is a nice Thorens turntable, so one can assume that rest of its original parts were also top-drawer. Since the well-known McIntosh Labs is in our town, they had probably furnished the electronics; the speakers, who knows, it all came from a very high-end HiFi store that is long gone now.

Anyway the cabinet is nice and will, if we can find the room, adorn our living room. The turntable will find a home elsewhere at some point since we already have a Phillips TT we like, to be installed in the cabinet, along with a Scott amp and our Klipsch bookshelf speakers will be installed in the former record compartments. The wife has been wanting all the LR stereo stuff to be hidden away for some time, and we'd been looking for a complete console, but this will suffice in using what we already have on hand. Would rather have had the unknown stuff that was originally in there, whatever it was!  Some pics attached: 
Happy Motoring! from Roger in NY

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