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Re: New Resto Project- 1961 Imperial Magnavox
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As for the cabinetry if it's really yucky an application of Gojo waterless hand cleaner (the original creamy kind without pumice/grit) will get off a surprising amount of gook and is especially good at removing build up of nicotine and furniture polish.  Then a quick once over with Old English Furniture Polish (the scratch cover type) and finally a coat of two of good old Johnsons paste wax.

I certainly agree about the paste wax.  I have been working slowly but steadily on the cabinet for the 1936 GE console radio.  I don't have spray facilities so I use varnish.  The varnish I bought from Sherwin Williams was way too fast drying so I've been dosing it liberally with Penetrol so it levels better and holds a wet edge as I'm brushing.  But still, it has to be wet sanded and then brought up with hand rubbed pumice and rottenstone. After that it gets paste wax.  My real favorite was my old can of Simonize paste wax (not the automotive cleaner-wax  version) but it's almost gone, so I'll be using my Johnson's that lives under the kitchen sink.  I tend not to use paste wax on table tops that get lots of human touching because arms and hands can leave traces.  My old dark-stained gate-leg table that I use as an office conference table got Howard's but not wax.  I may try a thin coat and see if it helps.

The GE radio cabinet is a bit complex, and some parts will just get 4-0 steel wool to remove the dust bits in the varnished surface, then the wax.  Those are parts that are very skinny, not larger surfaces where the gloss shows.

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