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Re: Storms
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Dried cherries are one of my favorites too.  Actually almost any dried fruit.  ;D

Chris have you tried taking apart your lamp and cleaning the parts.  Aladdin parts are still available if you end up needing a part.  The hardware store in Mackinaw City has some parts, years ago there was a hardware store in Frankenmuth that had lamps and any part you needed.  Of course there is always on-line shopping.  Hope you can make it work!


The guy whose local company pioneered dried cherries just died.  It was a huge innovation because cherries have a very short shelf life as fresh fruit.  Before drying, they had to be canned for pie filling, period. 

My Aladdin has, as I recall, a rack-and-pinion system for elevating the tubular wick.  For some reason it started jamming up.  I can almost always figure out mechanical misbehavior but this one had me stumped.  That's why I bought a new wick--ran out of ideas and started throwing money at it (with no luck).

Chris Campbell