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Re: Zenith 5S-127
« Reply #15 on: September 14, 2018, 04:32:30 PM »
I really believe I am wasting my time working on this thing without changing the resistors.  A problem I'm having is identifying them.  The colors have mostly faded into nothingness.  Thank God for a schematic.  I'm going to change all the resistors and a couple micas in the oscillator circuit.  I kinda/sorta aligned the IF section this afternoon.  Had that part working well until I went in to get a sandwich.  Came back out and nothing would work.  Apparently, I need to clean the volume control and/or tone control.  Fiddling with them restored the output from the signal generator in the radio speaker.  The oscillator should really be working.  If it is out of alignment as much as the IF's were, I can see why it is not working. 
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