Author Topic: 1956 Magnavox Symphonette Question  (Read 8291 times)


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1956 Magnavox Symphonette Question
« on: December 16, 2018, 12:32:46 PM »
Hello all,

An acquaintance asked me for assistance with this
restored Maggie Symphonette.

It has a F200C Collaro changer.
I determined that the drive wheel was original and
not able to pull through cycle.
So, that's off to Gary at V of M.

Question: Is the 4 pole motor rotor/shaft to spin
freely by hand for some seconds,
as do the 2-pole GI or Alliance motors ?

The rotor is not bound up, but after a manual
twist, it does not rotate but for a few seconds.

Thanks, HFF.

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