Author Topic: Changer accuracy trials and Euphonics E1 stylus  (Read 335 times)


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Changer accuracy trials and Euphonics E1 stylus
« on: April 22, 2019, 07:34:58 PM »

I have 8 consoles- a ridiculous but fun situation - and I've got all the electronics in good order since I'm primarily using MP3, but now I'm focusing on the changers.  I've used all the fabulous online guides provided by net users and I now have 8 good working changers, a combo of 200, 400 and 600 models. I was interested in their accuracy and found some 600 accuracy guidance attached.  I'm using two free record player speed apps on my phone, and whilst some differences in stats (2 sd vs I guess full range), for the most part I'm getting speed +/- ~0.6% or less and wow/flutter ~0.75 or less.  Best performance is +/- 0.3 and 0.25 respectively. Whilst similar results, the numbers rather indicate that the more recent the changer (600 vs 200 or 400...and even minor changes within the development of the 600 series), the more robust and better the speed accuracy. For sure the 600 motors seem more reliable, less friction and less prone to seize..probably no news to anyone. 

I found that interchanging thrust washers, thrust bearings and even the individual platter can make differences to the individual performance of each changer (I've junked some consoles and had basically 11 changers to play with/combine).  I assume in many cases one source of variability is cancelled by another and having so many possibilities to match has enabled me to get the best fit...numerous hours consigned/wasted but fun!  I also found that pressing down on one corner on the changer for example can really improve speed accuracy...indicates the role of simple gravity on neutralising variation, maybe potential to play with the springs. Even the presence or otherwise of the 45 adapter in its holster can change the weight in the top left corner and impact speed variability.  Pretty pointless and anal, likely inaudible difference if everything is basically ok, just sharing.

Most of my changers have the EV26, but the best sounding to my ears are the later chunky 132 and 150 cartridges.

The only issue outstanding is the changer with my 233, and is the hugely annoying Euphonics E1 in the original changer.  Could anyone please share with me how to change the stylus...I just don't get it!  I've broken 2 trying and am at a loss! I'm attaching a pic, it's the one with the curved rubber base like a shovel.  It's not clear to me if I'm supposed to press it in or slide it in, I've tried both without success....

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