Author Topic: Enoch Light big band recording and Jazz at the Philharmonic  (Read 137 times)

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Enoch Light big band recording and Jazz at the Philharmonic
« on: November 11, 2019, 12:56:58 PM »
I'm working through the summer's LP acquisitions.  Last night I was listening to an Enoch Light and the Light Brigade LP of Big Band Hits of the 30s, Vol. 2 on the Project 3 label.  The performances are sympathetic and the sound is generally very good.  In terms of audio fidelity and frequency response, it's excellent.  The engineering is a bit "early stereo"--that is, ping-pongy, with some instruments on the right, some on the left, just so you don't forget that it's STEREO.  This is why Mercury was admired for its method of capturing the real sound environment with minimal miking and no engineering tricks.  But the surface is very quiet and the audio very good so I can overlook the trickery.  I also played a two-disc set of "Jazz at the Philharmonic"  that's a reissue of earlier Verve discs.  They're live recordings that feature Charlie Parker, Coleman Hawkins,Lester Young, and Dizzy Gillespie, among others.  These are more realistic captures.  One of the Lester Young solos almost made me weep.  Good stuff.

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