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Tube Consoles / 1959 Continental (Restoration)
« : March 06, 2021, 09:37:02 AM »
Hello, Its time for the 1959 Continental to get restored I would like to have it up and running by Christmas 2021. This one is going to be my most comprehensive one to date and its a mess.  Couple of things to note it seems to be complete and original only missing the badge in the record compartment.  Its kind of beat up with a fair amount of flea bites but too many to touch up so it will require refinishing that i will try to do. Stay tuned for that debacle!
  I am sending the amp and tuner to Sam at Soundaudio repair in Olympia WA. He has done the two other consoles the amp175 and the amp185  in both st208's i have. He added a fuse and isolated the chassis grounds for safety also a 10' 3 prong cord to it so it can reach the outlets.   The same for this chassis which is a AMP 182 AA. I understand this is a very early stereo chassis  being 232 823   first week of June 1958. I have decided that this is going to get a balance control since it has a external speaker. I have researched this and found its best to use a custom circuit to do this as the balance used on the chassis achieves its function in not the best way. I hope Sam will do this. Then i will need to find a discreet place to put it. 
  Removing the amp i noticed there was a couple speaker selecter switches added to this. Why? Probably for speakers in extra rooms. One in the original place and one on the other side of the record compartment and one wire tied in the harness. This is going to be my first wiring exercise and i plan on getting a original diagram and tracing it out removing all the extra wires. By the way i think this may have been a custom wiring job by the dealer. Why? Well the selector switch had the same knob and bezel as the original one on the other side.  here is a photo of the selector switch in the harness if you look closely 
   The other thing about this is its from a home with a heavy smoker and its covered in nicotine. Sam is not going to like this one for that.  Thats it for now.  Aaron

Tube Consoles / Trying a different approach to speaker upgrade
« : February 15, 2021, 10:59:01 PM »
Hello all,  After trying to get a speaker/horn combo to work in the 2st208 with horrible results. I though that i could forget the horn and just replace the woofer. The 2st208 used the 2 oz magnet speakers @ 4 ohms i wonder if i could swap the 35 oz @4 ohms speaker would it work correctly? Do the stronger magnet speakers need different crossover capacitor values> thank you Aaron

Console Tales / 1958 Magnavox Stereorama adventure
« : February 08, 2021, 06:54:23 PM »
Hello all. I saw a 1st 203 f stereorama on Portlands Facebook marketplace ad it was a gutted cabinet. I didn't buy it.  Of course a month later i see another 1st 203 f stereorama a hundred miles north of me. It was slow going in communication and it looked like the deal was falling through they just wanted too much money for it. The next week i was going to Portland 200 miles south. The day before i left for portland the stereorama north of me became available so i checked Facebook and the gutted portland cabinet was still there. I purchased it first as parts for the north Stereorama. Seeing it, it was an interesting piece its beat up with the amp removed but it was otherwise complete with turntable and trim. Two weeks later i went to Ferndale to pick up the other working stereorama. It's a complete version of the parts cabinet i purchased weeks before I noticed though it is missing the trim on the top slider door also the speaker switch and knob are broken. Looking at the parts cabinet both items are there. But an interesting thing is the speaker date code is the same, not close but actually the same 232 839.
     Couple of other things to note about the Stereorama.  Its a plastic printed finish, it is in a different shade of finish even though the model numbers (1st 203 f) are the same. ? its the smaller magnet speakers, smaller 175 amp and it had a peculiar front left woofer and a side right woofer. This last thing is a reason i wanted it as i have a left room corner for it. The only defect is the top edge has a scrape on it. Not sure what to do for that. I still like it though.  Aaron

Wanted / Tuner/amp plug for the imperial
« : February 08, 2021, 05:01:50 PM »
Hello All. The Imperial has the tuner directly hardwired to the amp. It must have had a issue in the past and the repair was to eliminate the plug. I am sending it to Sam for recapping and whatever else it needs to run perfectly again so if anyone has a tuner amp plug male/female portions around let me know. Aaron

Wanted / Looking for a 59 continental badge
« : October 30, 2020, 09:14:40 PM »
Hello, Longshot but maybe someone has one, this badge is missing on my 59 continental. photo is one like it from the internet. Thank you Aaron 

Tube Consoles / Speaker/Horn conversion
« : October 24, 2020, 10:22:37 PM »
Hello people,
I need to repair or replace the smaller speakers in the ST208.
Is it possible to use the 10

Magnificent Magnavox / Trying to understand knob selection
« : May 01, 2020, 06:42:19 PM »
1960 2ST208L This is the twin to the late 1959 1ST208F. I wanted to use it as an external speaker and i still might.  One difference is this confusing knob and the positions. Would like some clarification if you can make sense of these positions let me know what you think how it would be set up.

Magnificent Magnavox / More number deciphering
« : November 29, 2019, 11:08:39 AM »
Hello, So i have found the Tuner Sams 57-03-00 and the amp 175 Sams but it only covers up to FF and my mine is an AMP 175 GH.  Also there is another number 3-51-9 on the tuner and 2-52-9 on the amp is it correct the think it a 52nd week in 59 if so what is the 2 for?    I also now see the speaker code as 943 or 944 on all of them that seems to say its the 42nd or 43rd week in 59 correct ? I also found my console number listed on the ko 597 adapter kit which is the 3 tube MPX adapter which i now need to find! so asking here first if anyone has one.

Magnificent Magnavox / External speaker output?
« : November 16, 2019, 11:23:05 AM »
Hello, The Magnavox 1ST208F if fitting in nicely. I have determined that in my living room there is a perfect spot for a external speaker. What i would like to do is an experiment and hook one up and try it. I see that there is a difference in OHMage but am wondering what this console needs. I have seen somewhere that there was a external amp needed or does it drive it from just the wire. Also there is no balance control how is that done?  I am technically skilled but have no audio experience. Maybe another question... I also am starting on getting a SAMS schematic but am confused about how that system works. i can get one from the library? Or online for a cost but how do i find one. My all thumbs search found one for 38 dollars for the amp 175 FF but mine is an AMP 175 GH is the FF schematic close enough or is it totally unrelated? What about the tuner? Fm-MPX ? Separate sams?

Cabinets, Cloth, Finishes / Is this a faux finish ?
« : November 04, 2019, 09:13:11 PM »
Hello, My Magnavox has a couple of dings. Looking closely at it is seems its not grain that you can see but a brushed finish that is then coated with a clear coating of some kind. It's really too bad it is the only defect on the exterior that i can see.  It's a 1960 concert hall. How is this finish fixed?

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