: Philips R448  ( 1994 )


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Philips R448
« : January 09, 2018, 08:32:18 AM »
Hello, newbie here and first post.  I just picked up (for free) a Philips R448 SS Console from a neighbor who is moving.  I have done some partial disassembling and found it was manufactured in 1968.  They bought it new in '69 and he gave me the original sales brochure for Philips products of that year, they paid $749 for it ($5100 in today's dollars).  It looks like all the components were made in Germany.  It is equipped with both a TT and a cassette player.  The TT is a GC046 model, I believe the same as a Grundig Series 46 TT. 

So far I can get both the radio and cassette to work, but cannot get the TT to power up.  Not sure if it is a power supply issue or motor problem.  I am on the hunt for a chassis schematic (HC4) to see if I can trace down the problem.  Overall, the unit looks clean with very little wear or signs of overheating inside.  Rubber belts on the cassette player & rubber wheels in the TT look almost fresh.  Some caps are starting to blister so I might need to change a few of them. 

If anyone has any information or can point me to a place that may help with the TT issue it would be appreciated!




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Re: Philips R448
« #1 : January 13, 2018, 08:36:44 PM »
what a neat console

I would say for the turntable, pull the platter and see if the motor is spinning, or check and see how hard it is to spin it. it might just need to get the old lube cleaned out and new lithium grease in there get it all spinning again.

most these turntables have very little electronic parts, they are mostly mechanical devices and usually come back to live with a little lube... maybe clean the idler wheel with some alcohol or even rubber renew if you want to order some.