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RCA - RP224 no shutoff
« : December 03, 2018, 02:25:02 PM »
It is in a friend's portable VJP-98, now it won't shut off. I just fully disassembled, cleaned and restored. 8) The amp/speakers/etc was in sam's 950, which I copied for him as a "manual" of sorts.

I was playing this portable a week ago, with some RCA dynagroove Christmas collection LPs, and my daughter was getting a kick out of the changer action ;D BUT seriously its only got a very tame 4-watt (yes-total) stereo amp.

I had put a Pfanstiehl 648-DS in it besides the full re-cap and it sounded nice and mellow as it did when new. I have to give it back, though the heaviness of this Victrola portable will not be forgotten. ;)

The end of record shutoff is not operating though it starts, runs and rejects as it should. I disassembled the little clutch associated with the run-out groove and cleaned it to no avail. :-[

He will pick it up soon, I let him know he would have to manually reject at end of each record, not a deal-breaker.
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Re: RCA - RP224 no shutoff
« #1 : December 03, 2018, 06:39:08 PM »
Is it one of those velocity-trip mechanisms that has just a tiny bit of drag, just enough that the runout groove moves the trip mechanism into the reject or change mode?  If so, maybe it's not QUITE adjusted right?  There's always that line between too much friction and not enough.

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