: 1956 Collaro Conquest Stuck On/Off/Reject Linkage  ( 7046 )


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1956 Collaro Conquest Stuck On/Off/Reject Linkage
« : July 23, 2019, 01:32:55 PM »
Hello all,
I will be attempting to remove the sub-plate from this
changer, to access what the problem is with stuck Reject.
This is my first time dropping a sub-plate.

I had rebuilt the motor some months ago, and the owner says
all was well, until last week, when he tried to turn on the changer.

Manually turning drive wheel, the changer goes through cycle properly.

When I get the sub-plate off, what should I look
for clues to this linkage binding ?
(In addition to old, hardened Brit grease, now turned to epoxy)

I have the service lit and some online photos downloaded,
but would like some experienced folks to give me
the helpful hints about the sub-plate.
I'm going to do a minimalist dis-assembly, if possible, for the fix.


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Re: 1956 Collaro Conquest Stuck On/Off/Reject Linkage
« #1 : August 10, 2019, 09:10:02 PM »
After removing the sub-plate, noticed the on/off switch
linkage connection piece had broken.

Cleaned up the sub plate linkages and replaced sub plate.

I ended up removing the switch, splicing the AC wires together.
Then placed a 3/4 inch #10 bolt with nylon washers and
a threaded end cap onto the bolt, to keep the
reject linkage connected on the changer base.

There is an on/off/treble switch on the consolette, so that
obviated trying to find another 1956 era switch.