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Magnavox/Collaro Tonearm Rewire
« : March 04, 2020, 10:15:33 AM »
This is a next-step from the thread I'd started in the Magnavox forum here regarding the sound quality in my 1962 Danish Modern console; I recently switched out the tweeters and am really enjoying the sound of the unit now, save the turntable.

Long ago I removed the original cartridge and put in a Shure M91ED, which is a moving magnet. I placed a small preamp in the back of the cabinet and this works well with no hum or other issues, and the cartridge mounted easily in the arm using the original hardware.

But that said, the sound of the cartridge could be better, and I think the reason for that is the original wiring. Despite the fact it's not showing inordinate capacitance (around 200pf) I'd like to replace it with better wiring, and also bypass the RCA jacks and go directly to the preamp.

I'm stuck on disassembling the arm as it appears I might wind up releasing the spring if I remove the screw under the arm that appears to be holding it all together - not sure I'm reading the service diagram correctly. Has anybody taken one of these apart and if so what should I be prepared for? I really just want to remove the arm shell from the mount to be able to fish out the old wire and run the new through. Any help is appreciated!